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FIX: Zetafax Exchange Connector Release Notes - Version



ID: ZTN1092

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Exchange connector


This document, details issues in Zetafax connector and Outlook extensions that have been addressed in this release of Zetafax.

These issues are resolved by applying the Zetafax 7.5 connector for Microsoft Exchange available for download on the Equisys web site www.equisys.com/updates for Zetafax 7 users.

Problems fixed in this release

Zetafax Exchange connector.

1.            Performance degrades due to memory leak in Exchange Information Store.

The Zetafax connector caused a memory "leak" in the Microsoft Exchange Information Store (STORE.EXE) each time a fax was sent.  This gradual increase in memory usage would eventually cause performance degradation on the Exchange server, requiring the Exchange services to be restarted.

2.            Occasional message loss when GroupShield 4.5 anti-virus software installed.

When the Zetafax connector was installed on a site using Network Associates GroupShield 4.5 anti-virus software, users may have reported that fax notifications do not appear in their Outlook Inbox. These messages remained in the Zetafax connector's inbound working directory (\exchsrvr\CONNECT\ZETAFAX\IN). These messages would eventually be moved to the \Archive directory if the Zetafax connector was unable to process them.

3.            Unable to configure Zetafax Exchange properties on French/German Exchange server versions.

Although the connector installed correctly on non-English versions of Microsoft Exchange, the site and user properties dialogs were not displayed correctly, preventing use of the gateway.  This release now displays (English) versions of the properties dialogs.

4.            Connector installation gives "ADDSTORE.EXE" access violation error if Outlook 97/98 installed on the Exchange server PC.

The installation program for the Zetafax Exchange connector will automatically install an Outlook personal folder (ZETAFAX.PST) if Outlook is installed on the Exchange server PC.  This folder is used for installing the Zetafax forms.

This automatic installation only works correctly with Outlook 2000 - with Outlook 97 and 98 it fails, with program "ADDSTORE.EXE" exiting with an Access Violation error.

The install program now checks the version of Outlook, and reports if it is unable to add the personal folder (as it does if Outlook is not installed). Instructions to install the personal folder manually are described in README.WRI in the Zetafax Outlook extensions installation directory.

5.            Reduced throughput when Zetafax Outbox contains many messages.

The number of messages in a user's Zetafax Outbox, affected there throughput.  When this reached around 400 messages subsequent status updates would take longer to process.

6.            Zetafax address type not available for Spanish Outlook clients.

Microsoft Exchange requires address templates to be installed independently for each language version of Outlook it must support.  The installation program for the Zetafax connector automatically installed the address template for most languages, which have been configured at the time of installation. 

Although "Español" (Spanish) was recognised by the install program, the variant "Español/moderno" was not.

The Zetafax address is now installed automatically for clients using "Español/moderno".

7.            Zetafax connector may stop after sending to multiple distribution lists.

If an Outlook user submitted several fax messages in quick succession, the Zetafax connector would stop. The most likely way this would happen would be if a fax were sent to two or more distribution lists, because Exchange submits each distribution list to the connector as a separate message.

Zetafax Outlook extensions

The Zetafax Outlook extension install program (ZFOUTEXT.EXE) is installed when you install the Zetafax connector, in a "Personal Folder" in Outlook on the Microsoft Exchange server PC.  As this is a client update, it then needs to be run on each client computer, which has the Outlook extensions installed.

1.            Incorrect handling of delayed send time in Outlook form.

The feature for sending a fax after a given time was not supported correctly by the Outlook forms.  The time used was treated as GMT, and so on systems where the Microsoft Exchange server is not set to GMT the fax would not be sent at the correct time.

2.            Send time from Outlook form reset on reopening settings dialog.

When composing a fax, the send time was reset to the current time each time the settings dialog was displayed.

Last updated: 27 February 2003 (GC/DH)

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