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FIX: 'Zetafax Client currently busy' reported when sending fax shot.



ID: ZTN1217

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Versions or earlier.


There are several symptoms of the same underlying problem:

  1. Message appears with "Zetafax Client currently busy"

Zetafax reports the following error when using embedded addressing to submit multiple faxes at a time, for example using mail merge with Microsoft Word (as documented in ZTN1098). This can also result in some printed documents not being submitted to the Zetafax printer.

  1. Faxes can be lost from concurrent print jobs when using embedded addressing

If you print from two separate applications concurrently, and both applications are using embedded addressing to send several faxes, it is possible that not all the faxes will be sent.

  1. A print job fails, and then MFX dialogs appear complaining about broken pipes.


This is due to the printing application submitting following documents before the Zetafax client has processed the previous one.


Equisys has provided an update version of the print control program ZFPRNCTL.EXE, this and other updates can be downloaded from the Equisys website, using the following location.


Note: This update is only supported on the following versions of windows;

Windows 98 SE, NT4 SP6a, 2000, and XP Professional.

This update should not be applied on other environments including application server systems e.g. Windows 2000 Terminal Server.


This behaviour was corrected in the beta update as documented in this technical note.

Last updated: 27 September 2002 (SV/GC)

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