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FIX: Faxshots using addresses from .txt or .csv files fail when using Zetafax client.



ID: ZTN1225

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax client version


When using a comma/tab delimited file (.txt or .csv) to send faxes to a list of fax recipients from the Zetafax client, some or possibly all of the faxes fail to be sent.

To verify that the cause of the problem is the same as the one detailed in this technical note, work though the following steps.

  1. With in the Zetafax client highlight one of the failed faxes in the Zetafax outbox.
  2. Go to the Menu select File then Information (this should bring up the information dialog box for that group of faxes).
  3. Click on the 'To.' button, you will now be presented with a 'Message Information - Recipients' dialog box (as below).

Note: In the list of recipients the fax number is normally displayed in the brackets (the first entry in the example above is 'dwcldv' this is incorrect is should be a valid fax number). If the entry is blank or invalid for the majority of the recipients in the list this is most probably due to the issue as outlined in the Cause section of this technical note.

If the recipients are populated with fax numbers but still fail to be sent, check the validity of that data (i.e. check that the number is a real fax number).


The Zetafax client can accept .txt/.csv files for addressing faxes to a large list of recipients, However when the   .txt/.csv file is poorly formatted, (e.g. the final entry on each line doesn't end with a separator) the submitted faxes are more likely to fail as detailed above.


This issue is resolved by applying a Zetafax client program update (ZFCU_75193.exe).

Equisys has provided an updated client installation program which correctly handles entries in a poorly formatted .txt or .csv file. This is available from the Equisys website www.equisys.com/updates as a separate download for Zetafax users.


This behaviour was corrected in version of the Zetafax client program,

Last updated: 27th September 2002 (AG/SV)

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