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FIX: Server error ‘too many data requests’ with Zetafax Online



ID: ZTN2091

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 17.0 or earlier
  • Zetafax Online


When using Zetafax Online with Zetafax, the server monitor program shows the following error repeatedly when the server is running:

ROUTER - Failed retrieving list of messages. Too many data requests (polling frequency too high)

The impact of the error is that there may be a delay before an incoming fax is retrieved and forwarded by the Zetafax Server, or in some cases incoming faxes may only be received when the Zetafax is first started.


This error is caused by a change in behaviour in the Zetafax Online web service to reducing the frequency at which the Zetafax Server can check for received faxes. 

To correct the error, first shutdown the Zetafax Server and close the Zetafax Configuration Program if running.

Run the Windows Notepad program, then open file zfax\SYSTEM\Z-DB\SETUP.INI (where zfax is the location where the Zetafax Server files are stored).

Locate the [ROUTER] section in the file, then add the following lines to that section (replacing one or both lines if already present in that section):

FaxServiceInboxPollFreq: 00:01
InternetFaxServiceEnable: YES

Save the changed file, then restart the Zetafax Server.

Check that the server starts correctly, and the error messages are no longer displayed.

These settings will cause the Zetafax Server to check for received faxes every minute, rather than every few seconds which is the default behaviour.  They will also enable the frequency setting to be viewed and modified using the Zetafax Configuration program as with other settings.


This issue is caused by a change in behaviour of the Zetafax Online web service.  The Zetafax software will be updated in a future release to reflect this.

Last updated: 13th October 2015 (GW/NT) 

Keywords: Least Cost Routing, Interfax

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