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FIX: Rendering add-on cannot render bidirectional text as used in Hebrew documents.



ID: ZTN1389

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 8 and later
  • Doctiff rendering add-on


When sending a document in a Language that uses bidirectional text (e.g. Hebrew) via the Rendering add-on, the format of the document will change so that right to left text will be reversed. Additionally, if the text contains anything written in left to right text (e.g. a telephone number) this will be in the correct format but moved to the opposite end of the sentence. For example if "Equisys" and "Name" were written in Hebrew then

Equisys: Name.

Will become the following

.Name :Equisys


The rendering add-on (DOCTIFF) cannot render bidirectional text as used in Middle Eastern language (e.g. Hebrew) documents. Also this means that text may not be aligned correctly with the borders of the document and the text.


This behaviour has been corrected and a hot fix is available. Please contact Technical Support for further details.


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Last updated 31st July 2009 (LD/EB/MW)

Date published 20 August 2004 (LD/SV)

Keywords: < Rendering> < Doctiff> < Bidirectional>

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