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INFO: Render PDF documents using the DOCTIFF Rendering Add-on



ID: ZTN1556

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax v2007 and later
  • Rendering Add-on


In previous versions of Zetafax, PDF documents could only be rendered using the DOCTIFF rendering add-on which sometimes resulted in poor quality. 

In order to improve quality, there are now two ways to render PDF documents using Zetafax Server.  They can now be rendered natively as well as rendered using the DOCTIFF rendering add-on.  In most cases, native PDF rendering provides a higher-quality and a more consistent result.

Both types of PDF rendering in Zetafax Server require that the DOCTIFF rendering add-on be licensed.

By default, PDF documents are rendered natively.  To change the default behaviour so that DOCTIFF renders the PDF documents, a change must be made.

More information

The default behaviour is that PDF documents are rendered natively (using EPSTIFF).

To change this default behaviour so that DOCTIFF renders PDF documents, put the following line in the SETUP.INI in the \Zetafax Server\System\Z-DB\ folder.  The line goes under the [EPSTIFF] paragraph:

RenderPDFNatively: NO

Save and close SETUP.INI and restart the Zetafax Server. 

WARNING: using DOCTIFF to render PDF documents may reduce the quality or fundamentally change the way your PDF documents appear when faxed.

To change the behaviour back to native rendering, either change the line to

RenderPDFNatively: YES

or remove the line entirely.  Save and close SETUP.INI file, and restart the Zetafax Server.


INFO: Rendering methods in Zetafax

HOWTO: Troubleshoot Rendering issues

FIX: Rendering (doctiff.exe) add-on uses incorrect fonts.

Last updated: 16/11/2006 (PF/PJ)


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