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FIX: Zetafax SMTP gateway release notes - Version 10.0.437



ID: ZTN1554

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax SMTP gateway version 10.0.437


This document details issues in previous versions of the software that are fixed in the version listed above.

Issues fixed

  1. Threading issue - identified and fixed a potential threading issue in the SMTP Gateway which could result in faxes being sent with the wrong file attachment. This issue would more likely become evident on very high volume fax servers. The more threads running to service mail submission requests, the higher the probability of the problem occurring. (Build 422)
  2. Wait for 250 response - identified and fixed a communication problem with some SMTP mail servers, where they are expecting a pause after sending a HELO. The gateway now waits for a 250 response from the SMTP mail server before sending the data. (Build 431)
  3. Duplicate dots in filenames - identified and fixed an issue where an attachment submitted via SMTP with a duplicate dot in the file name e.g. test.tmp.doc, the .tmp is seen as the file attachment. (Build 437)


Apply the following patch to resolve any of these issues:


Last updated: 15 November 2006 (GC)

Keywords: < Zetafax> < email gateway> < SMTP>

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