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FIX: Missing mailbox extension data causes the Zetafax connector to stop



ID: ZTN1141

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Exchange connector


Under certain circumstances the Zetafax connector stops when a user whose mailbox extension data is missing or corrupt, receives a fax.


Extension data is created on a mailbox by mailbox basis with the 'Zetafax Options' tab (mailbox extension) using the Exchange Administration program (ADMIN.EXE). The connector attempts to read this data when users receive faxes. If this data is missing or corrupt it could cause the connector to stop.


This issue is resolved by applying the Zetafax 7.1 email gateway update. This is available on the Equisys web site www.equisys.com/updates as a download.


Zetafax version 7 is no longer supported by Equisys. This issue is resolved with the latest version of Zetafax. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Zetafax please contact the Zetafax distributor for your country for more information or:

EQUISYS plc - United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7203 4000 (Intl +44 20 7203 4000)

Fax: 020 7203 4005 (Intl +44 20 7203 4005)

Email: sales@equisys.com


EQUISYS Inc - USA and Canada

Phone: (770) 772 7201

Fax: (770) 442 5789

Email: sales@zetafax.com


Last updated: 10 November 2005 (AA)


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