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How Zetafax delivers an integrated fax solution

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Zetafax delivers an integrated fax solution

Zetafax integrates with a number of common applications and devices out-of-the-box, and has also been integrated with a range of industry specific applications. More information about the integration capabilities of Zetafax are listed below.

Integrate with Outlook and other email clients

Zetafax allows you to send and receive faxes using your email client software such as Microsoft Outlook, allowing faxes to be stored alongside your emails. The Outlook add-in lets you access coversheets, letterheads, delayed transmission, previewing and attachments, and also allows the business fax numbers for contacts to be used to address a fax in the same way that you would an email. Faxes can even be created when Outlook is offline for sending when a network connection is restored.

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Integration with specialist applications

Zetafax has already been integrated with a number of specialist applications, including those listed below. 

 Zetafax integration has currently been completed for the following specialist systems:

Bottomline Technologies

De Facto Software

Gavel & Gown Software Inc.
Licom Systems
Mountain Software

OpenAccounts plc

Systems Axis


Zetafax Automation Toolkit

The Zetafax Automation Toolkit allows developers to interact directly with the Zetafax Server without using the Zetafax Client. Basic functions of the Automation Toolkit are available in the standard Zetafax license, and more complex configurations can be completed by purchasing an additional add-on license for the Zetafax Automation Toolkit from your reseller or Equisys directly. Read more about the integration opportunities with Zetafax using the Zetafax Automation Toolkit.


Zetafax enables you to consolidate your company's use of fax and reduce hardware costs. Fax machines can be replaced or existing fax servers can be virtualised as part of the overall virtualization project. If you have a number of fax machines or MFPs, you can create a single virtual fax server to enable hardware free faxing from users' email inboxes. Read more about Zetafax in a virtualized server environment.

Fax over Internet Protocol (FoIP)

The Zetafax FoIP Connector is a software-only solution which enables the Zetafax Server to communicate with a FoIP or T.38 compatible phone system via the local area network, removing the need to connect phone lines directly to the Zetafax Server computer. Most new PBXs will support FoIP via a standard Ethernet card and many traditional PBXs now have IP capability available as an upgrade option. Alternatively, a separate T.38 gateway unit can be connected on the network – these support analog or digital (ISDN) phone lines, and are available in a range of configurations. Read more about Zetafax and FoIP.

Integrate with scanners & MFPs

Zetafax enables advanced fax sending from any office MFP and creates a secure document archive. It links multiple machines to consolidate faxing and reduce the number and cost of fax lines. With this centralized fax system, simple address books save on entering fax numbers, coversheets are created automatically and faxes are stored in a secure electronic archive for subsequent retrieval or audit.

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