Zetadocs PDF

Software to help you escape from paper-based processes

Zetadocs PDF

Zetadocs PDF, document management and delivery software enables Microsoft Office users to remove the cost and time associated with producing and delivering business documents. Zetadocs PDF integrates with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, so that commonly sent documents, like quotes and letters, can be sent securely as personalized PDFs.

Simple, fast document assembly

The Zetadocs PDF user interface is intuitive and requires no dedicated training.  Documents can be created by combining separate files, from different sources and in multiple formats, e.g. Microsoft Office Word and Excel.  Users can drag & drop company stationery and attachments, and preview documents before sending.

Integration with Contact Management software

Zetadocs PDF integrates with Contact Management software to provide document automation functionality. Users can streamline the process of sending documents such as sales quotations or email marketing mailshots directly to their contacts.  Copies of sent documents can be stored automatically against the customer history, enabling companies to keep accurate records of customer contact which is available to all network users

Document automation

Using Zetadocs PDF's shared folders of documents and stationery, important documents used in your business processes, such as price lists and brochures, are always at hand. Time spent searching for these documents can be eliminated, delivering productivity gains e.g. sales people spending more time on the phone instead of doing paperwork.

Using document templates, it is possible to further increase productivity. Users can define which stationery and attachments are added to a document automatically when emailed.  This is especially useful for documents that are sent out repeatedly such as sales quotations, invoices or information packs.

Automatic archiving

Zetadocs PDF automatically archives a copy of all sent documents for quick retrieval by network users, helping you to ensure your company adheres to compliance regulations.

Scan paper documents

Zetadocs PDF integrates with scanning equipment so that copies of paper documents can be combined into a single document.  Once scanned, the document can be combined with other documents and faxed or emailed securely.  The scanned document can also be stored on the network to be easily accessible, whilst reducing storage and postage costs.

Document security and compliance

Zetadocs PDF allows users to define security settings that determine who can open or print their PDF files.  Zetadocs helps companies send business documents securely, eliminating the risk of them being modified by the recipient.  It also automatically stores copies of all sent documents centrally for compliance.

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