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Zetadocs Expenses Express – Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question about the Express edition of Zetadocs Expenses, please refer to our FAQs below to see if your question has already been answered.

If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us at sales@equisys.com.

General & Licensing

The Zetadocs Express edition is available to all Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud customers. A licence can be requested by completing the online request form – click here. We will usually process your request the next working day and you will receive a welcome email from us with all the information you need to get started.

The Express edition software is available at no cost to Business Central Cloud customers. Optional implementation and support plans are available to purchase.

None, the service is free to use for up to 25 staff and for as long as you choose to use it. We will provide you ample notice of any adjustments to the Zetadocs Express edition terms and conditions. If you choose to purchase our support plan, this plan will be renewed annually and the renewal cost may be adjusted for inflation periodically.

No. The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition is limited to a maximum of 25 enabled users. Additional user licences can be obtained by purchasing the Essentials or Plus editions. Note: All Zetadocs Expenses users need to be licenced, including those submitting, approving and administering expense reports.

The Zetadocs Expenses express edition enables a user to submit expense reports for all the expenses that they have incurred and are due direct reimbursement for (i.e. payments they have made using cash or personal bank cards, and fuel mileage claims when using a personal vehicle for business purposes). The Zetadocs Expenses Essentials and Plus editions also enable users to record their other expenses, for which they do not need reimbursing but still need to record and get approved (e.g. payments made using a company credit card or company fuel payment card).

No. For most users who are submitting and/or approving expense claims only via the Zetadocs Expenses application, it is not necessary to have a Business Central licence. However, those users who will be doing the final processing of expense claims (e.g. users within a finance team) will need a Business Central licence, since they will typically need to export information into Business Central.

No. Zetadocs Expenses Express edition can only be used with one company in Business Central. The Zetadocs Expenses Essentials and Plus editions can be integrated with multiple companies in a Business Central environment (where all companies are using the same currency).

No. The Express edition has been designed for use with Business Central Cloud setups only. The Essentials and Plus editions are available for customers that require integration with Business Central on-premise and Dynamics NAV setups, where there are typically more specific requirements.

The Zetadocs Expenses Essentials and Plus editions offer more control, more automation and better insights into your expense management process. Upgrade to these editions to get the benefits that come with being able to enforce your expense policy, set business rules, manage company credit card expenses, manage company vehicle expenses and more. Click here for further info.

The Zetadocs Expenses Express Edition is available to all Business Central Cloud customers, in all markets, in English only.

Upgrading to the Zetadocs Essentials or Plus edition is a simple process. Once we receive confirmation that you wish to upgrade, we will make a quick change to your existing Zetadocs Expenses account that will unlock all the features of the Essentials or Plus edition ready for you to use straight away. The existing configuration and data that you had with the Express edition will remain the same.

Please contact your Business Central partner directly or sales@equisys.com to request an upgrade.

Implementation & Support

The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition software is available via Microsoft AppSource.

Whilst not mandatory, we recommend the purchase of an implementation and support plan to ensure your Zetadocs Expenses system is setup correctly and that the integration with Business Central is carried out by professionals. Whilst the Express edition has a limited feature set and is restricted to a fixed number of users, it is still a powerful business tool which once adopted by the wider business can become mission critical. Having experts on hand that can quickly troubleshoot any issues that arise will save you precious time.

An implementation plan is always packaged with a 1-year support plan, ensuring there is a smooth transition from the implementation stage through to the post go-live support stage. If you choose to implement the solution yourself then you may purchase a stand-alone support plan.

The Zetadocs Express edition has been designed to be implemented quickly. This process typically takes no longer than a day to deploy to a sandbox environment so that you are ready to pilot it. Our implementation and support plan aims to take any risk of overrun out and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Please see here for information.

Online help documentation and ‘how to’ videos are freely available on our website - click here for more info. A support plan can be purchased that will provide you with full support (based in UK & USA) via telephone or email, to quickly troubleshoot specific issues.

The online help includes quick start guides and videos enabling your users to lead themselves through each of the common scenarios when using Zetadocs Expenses Express edition. If you choose to purchase our implementation and support plan, this includes the training of your Expense administrator(s) on how to manage the Zetadocs Expenses application and the training resources that are available for your other staff members.


The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition is a simple add-on for Business Central. The setup process comprises two key stages:

  • Installing an extension that is available from Microsoft AppSource.
  • Run the Zetadocs Expenses Assisted Setup that will publish a web service.

Users will receive a welcome email that contains a link to the app, plus links to the online help that is available. The Zetadocs Expenses application can be accessed via popular web browsers and mobile apps are available on Google Play and the App Store.

When exporting an approved expense report from Zetadocs Expenses Express edition, the only record that will be created in Business Central is a purchase invoice record against the relevant vendor ID. Each individual expense included on a report is added as a separate line item on the purchase invoice, automatically allocated to the relevant G/L account based on the type of expense.

Yes. We provide customers with two Zetadocs Expenses accounts: one account for use within a production environment and another account that may be used for testing purposes within a sandbox environment.

Yes. Zetadocs Expenses supports single sign-on using Microsoft work or school accounts. We recommend using single sign-on to make it much easier for your users to sign in, and for your IT administrators to centrally manage access to the application rather than manage separate user accounts.

No, downgrading to the Express edition is not possible. If you were to downgrade in future, then a new Zetadocs Expense account would need to be provisioned and the data/configuration on your existing account would not be migrated.

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