How Zetafax helps NHS Trusts & Health Organizations

Zetafax fax software solutions give healthcare organizations an easy-to-deploy and easy-to-use way to ensure compliance with the NHS Code of Practice and recommendations of the Caldicott report. It delivers the following benefits:

Fax `safe havens` for incoming and outgoing documents

Zetafax makes it simple for IT administrators and Caldicott Guardians to ensure that fax security policies can be administered consistently. The use of fax can be controlled and audited from a single, central location using the Zetafax configuration program. This centralized administrative tool enables administrators to regulate permissions, set up security and manage servers quickly and easily.

Secure electronic transmission of patient-identifiable information

Instead of being printed on paper, faxes sent from PC software are converted into fax format ready to be sent via your users' unique mailbox.

  • Productivity savings of up to 80% can be made sending faxes directly from the desktop, while also eliminating the risk of confidential information being shared.
  • Network fax servers provide safe, secure and reliable fax transmission capability using industry standards, T.30 and T.38. They also transmit images in the same secure manner that two fax machines would send an image to each other.
  • Transmission of the fax can be monitored in real time via email, the Zetafax client or the sending application (via an API). This gives the same experience of sending a document via email but with the security of a fax machine.
  • Computer generated faxes mean transmitted patient-identifiable information is clear and easy to read.
  • Mail-box tidy up ensures that users can quickly clean up transmitted or received documents from their mailboxes so they don't remain a confidentiality risk.

Compliance with the `Confidentiality: NHS Code of Practice` guidelines

The Code of Practice on Confidentiality (2003) is a key component of the arrangements for governance of information in the NHS. The 'Caldicott' principles and recommendations apply specifically to patient-identifiable information, and emphasise the need for controls over the information and access to it. Zetafax supports the security recommendations by ensuring faxes are sent only to intended recipients.

Linking closely with network security, Zetafax offers a range of security options that prevent unauthorised access to confidential documents.

  • DID routing ensures delivery directly to the intended recipient; guaranteeing confidentiality. Using this method, faxes are delivered to secure computers rather than vulnerable fax machines.
  • User can be allocated their own individual fax mailboxes or departmental mailboxes.
  • Each fax mailbox can be linked to a Windows user account, meaning access to mailboxes can be controlled by network permissions.

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