Fax solutions for healthcare

Our award winning fax server software, Zetafax, is simple to install, easy to manage and highly reliable. It replaces traditional fax machines, dispersed across the organization, with a single, centrally managed healthcare fax server that routes documents to and from secured mail-boxes. Zetafax also allows users to send and receive faxes directly from their PC and from applications such as Microsoft Office and Electronic Health Record solutions. Zetafax also allows implementation of FoIP and server virtualization.

Zetafax is already installed in thousands of health care organizations in the UK and US. Zetafax is designed to be flexible enough to easily function with your Electronic Health Record system.

Zetafax can smoothly integrate with your current Electronic Health Record (EHR) system, allowing you to send electronic health records, reports and prescriptions by phones lines or the Internet (Fax over IP) from your PC. Your received faxes are archived on your Zetafax server as electronic files for easy retrieval.

Ways that healthcare organizations can benefit from Zetafax

There are many ways in which your healthcare organization can benefit from implementing our fax server software. These include improving patient data security, upholding confidentiality, administration from a central server location, decreasing operation costs, as well as dramatically increasing productivity.

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