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Zetadocs: Ready to go on Dynamics 365 Business Central

Zetadocs: Ready to go on Dynamics 365 Business Central

Discover how Zetadocs enables you to focus on what matters most

Graeme Farquhar

As a Business Central customer, you will probably be aware of the many add-on solutions that are available to enhance Business Central functionality and optimize various financial processes.

Knowing that you can get a solution that will solve specific business problems and makes life easier is great. However, if the solution doesn’t integrate seamlessly with Business Central and requires lots of configuration to get it working, then the risk of losing large chunks of time and getting frustrated can be high.

Zetadocs provides solutions that are designed and ready to go for Business Central, including AP automation and expense management. But what do we mean by “ready to go”?

Ready to go

The Zetadocs suite of products: Capture, Delivery and Expenses, provide a range of solutions for Business Central customers, including:

  • AP automation: Intelligent OCR extracts data from your supplier invoices and automatically enters the data into Business Central. There are no rules or templates to set up, meaning no training of your system is required – it’s ready to go.

Zetadocs Capture uses Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services, which combines powerful OCR capabilities with deep learning models, to analyze and extract key fields and line items from supplier invoices. This enables immediate time savings thanks to no longer needing to rekey data, without putting much effort in upfront.

The purchase invoices created are automatically matched to corresponding orders and receipts. This cuts the time spent processing invoices, with fewer approvals required.

The original documents are stored centrally and securely, allowing organization-wide access to retrieve them via Business Central or Microsoft 365.

  • Automated document delivery: Zetadocs Delivery enhances Business Central capability when it comes to delivering documents to customers or vendors. You can send personalized, consistent documents (according to your customers’ delivery preferences), with out-of-the-box report templates that are ready to go.

These documents can be sent in batches, with Zetadocs giving you enhanced control over the details of the send (for example, using the preview window to make any changes required) and the ability to schedule these automatically.

You can automatically add attachments to outbound emails based on custom business logic (e.g. attaching paid invoices to remittance notifications). The Zetadocs SDK is ready to go and there are various sample customizations (PTEs) that can be used.

  • Expense management: The Zetadocs Expenses mobile app makes it simple to capture, submit and approve expenses, and it’s ready to go.

Receipt OCR is used to create new expenses automatically, based on the photograph taken of the receipt. The transaction date, amount, currency, vendor name and tax amount are extracted from receipts. This ensures that expense claims are always accurate and can be quickly attached to an expense report and submitted for approval, without the need to manually input this data.

Zetadocs Expenses features seamless, two-way integration with Business Central. Approved expenses are automatically exported (to a new purchase invoice or journal entry), meaning there is no rekeying of data needed by finance teams into Business Central. Meanwhile, Business Central jobs, tasks and dimensions are automatically synced with Zetadocs Expenses, according to a daily schedule. There is no need for finance teams to manually import business data into Zetadocs Expenses, as it is always kept in sync with Business Central.

Beyond these ready to go features, there is an option to customize import / export using the Zetadocs SDK to meet your specific business requirements, if you require.

Focus on what matters most

Zetadocs allows you to accelerate your business processes. Not having to rekey data and automatically sending documents enables you and your team to save time to focus on what matters most. Productivity and job satisfaction will increase amongst individuals, with the business also benefitting from reduced costs thanks to automated processes.

We have various resources for you to learn more about these solutions. This blog post discusses our AP Automation in greater detail, while our resource center will signpost you to various videos, datasheets and more.

Zetadocs is ready to go on Business Central. See it for yourself by booking a demo today.

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