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Using Zetafax with Diva fax boards

ZetafaxDialogic Diva fax boards are general purpose media boards used for a variety of data communication tasks, including fax. Originally called Eicon Diva Server boards, and developed by Eicon Networks Corporation, they have been supported by Zetafax for many years.

In 2006 Eicon became Dialogic, and over the next few years they acquired a number of other companies and products, including the Brooktrout range. This left Dialogic with some product duplication and they started a process of rationalising duplicate product lines.

As specialist fax products, Brooktrout boards have a number of technical advantages over the Diva range for use with Zetafax. In consultation with Dialogic, we chose to move Zetafax’s support for Diva boards to end of life status, and to cease further development work for those boards.

However, Diva boards have remained popular with some of our channel partners, and many older Zetafax systems use Diva boards as well.  Dialogic have continued actively enhancing support for these boards, releasing driver updates for new Windows versions as needed.

In response to feedback we have now reintroduced support for Dialogic Diva fax boards. This includes support for both 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows.

We continue to recommend Brooktrout TR1034 and Trufax boards as our preferred choice for new systems with fax boards. However, Diva boards give a lower cost alternative to TR1034 for use with Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) lines, and are now fully supported for use with Zetafax.

This change does not require an update for the Zetafax software as the changes are restricted to drivers and documentation on our website.  Diva boards are supported with Zetafax 2014 and Zetafax 2012 systems.

This technote explains how to install and configure Diva boards.

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