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Upgrading Zetafax made easy

Upgrading Zetafax made easy

Handling new operating systems, server virtualization, IP telephony and Office 365

David Cole

At Equisys we work hard to ensure that upgrading or migrating your Zetafax server is straightforward, and we will support you as you do it, even when you are making significant changes within your internal IT infrastructure. Here are a few examples of how we do this:

New operating systems, hardware and email servers

There is support for a wide range of platforms and devices, helping ensure Zetafax performs well within your new environment.

  • Platform support: all major Microsoft Windows Server and Client Operating Systems are supported (see the Zetafax tech spec page for more info).
  • Fax device support: a wide variety of devices are supported so that if you are upgrading physical server hardware, virtualising your environment or making changes to your telephony infrastructure, we have an option that works for you. Find out more here.
  • Email integration: If you are using the Zetafax email gateway feature, we support all versions of Exchange Server (including Exchange Online within Office 365) and there’s a generic SMTP connector that runs locally on your network, allowing integration with almost any SMTP mail server.

Internet telephony, virtualized servers

Zetafax supports Fax Over Internet Protocol (FoIP), so that your fax server can easily run within a virtualized environment such as VMware or Hyper-V.   When you make the move to IP telephony, Zetafax can take the journey with you.

  • If you are virtualizing your environment and need to retire your existing fax hardware, we have options for using a software “device” with FoIP instead. This allows data to be transmitted over an IP network and removes the need for hardware such as fax boards, with options to integrate directly with a range of IP phone systems and SIP trunks (More information available here).

Office 365

Migrating to Office 365? You can easily maintain the existing integration Zetafax has with your email service.

  • A Zetafax Exchange Online connector is available. The installation steps are straightforward and this connector can be installed side-by-side with your existing on premises Zetafax Exchange connector, allowing you time for testing and/or a staged migration of your existing users. To learn more, click here


Upgrading the Zetafax Server is something many of our customers easily do themselves, by following guidance available on our website. However, we understand that due to resourcing constraints, some customers prefer to use our dedicated services team to carry out the upgrade instead. Our service typically includes these stages:

  • A scoping call to understand your current setup and requirements
  • Agreement of a documented upgrade/migration plan, ensuring minimal downtime and a recovery plan, in the event of a failure
  • Implementation (carried out via remote session)
  • Testing of all required functionality
  • End-user training (if required)

If you are planning an upgrade of Zetafax and would like some advice or have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact us –

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