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The move to Dynamics 365 Business Central

The move to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Zetadocs is coming to Business Central

Chris Oswald
Microsoft’s Spring ΄18 release of its Business Applications brought with it much needed clarity around the future of Dynamics NAV and the part it plays within the Dynamics 365 landscape. The result was the birth of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is an all-in-one business solution released first on the Microsoft Cloud, then available for installations at customers’ premises later this year.  

Here at Equisys, we are very used to developing for the cloud. Over 6 years ago we connected Zetadocs for NAV to Office 365 to offer cloud-based document management. This was because, even back then, we strongly believed that cloud solutions are the way to go. Zetadocs Approvals was announced later that year. It was designed from scratch to run on Microsoft Azure. Moreover, for over two years, we have been selling Zetadocs Expenses. It was also born in the cloud and is a highly scalable product. Zetadocs Expenses is ready to grow at the same pace as its users’ businesses.

We have always prided ourselves in helping our partners say “yes” to any deployment option their customers may choose. In fact, it’s a key component in our proposition for partnering with us. Zetadocs for NAV supports all versions of Dynamics NAV and all types of client, however deployed. It simplifies the buying process for customers and has contributed to the success of Zetadocs and to our partners’ loyalty towards our suite of business solutions.  

With that commitment in mind, we are delighted to share our approach for supporting Dynamics 365 Business Central, with Zetadocs for Business Central. 

Zetadocs for Business Central

We are announcing today that the Zetadocs suite will be available for Dynamics 365 Business Central in all its configurations.

You may know that we’ve already said that Zetadocs will support on premises and hosted deployments of Business Central within 90 days of its release this autumn. We regularly share news such as this on our “coming soon” page: . We can support these traditional deployments without any structural changes or redesign, just as we have done with previous new releases of NAV.

Zetadocs Expenses for Business Central is coming soon now available, and today we showed a preview of it. It’s going to be the best choice for expense management for users of Business Central in the cloud. However, we’re also ensuring it will be easy for customers who deploy on premises first to move to Azure later, as we expect this to be a common choice. We’ll even support hybrid arrangements for users who elect to have some company databases on premises and others in the cloud. The Business Central edition of Zetadocs Expenses will offer from day one all the helpful, time-saving features that NAV users are currently enjoying. That’s a benefit of it being a “born in the cloud” product.

Zetadocs Delivery and Zetadocs Capture for Business Central on Azure will follow. These editions have some .NET DLLs and make some use of local file storage, so that needs replacing. We’ll have more details on timing for that in due course.

We’ll announce pricing closer to launch time that is attractive to Business Central customers and billed annually in advance by their partner for the anticipated average monthly use.

Future proofing

If you are attending Directions North America or Directions EMEA this year, then be sure to chat to us there about how we are future-proofing your investment in our partnership, and when you can expect to try out the latest versions of Zetadocs for Business Central.

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