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The importance of software support to your business

The importance of software support to your business

Ensure your software helps, not hinders, your work

Graeme Farquhar

The software you use in your business is like the oil that keeps your car running smoothly. It’s taken for granted when it’s doing its job properly, but as soon as something goes wrong, things can come grinding to a shuddering halt.

A survey published earlier this year highlighted the impact which technology problems can have on the modern business.

According to answers given by more than 2,000 respondents, 76% of workers felt that technical problems had impacted negatively on their productivity during the previous year. Crashing computers and slow connections were the main culprits.

In fact, across a range of industries including professional services, marketing and healthcare, the average amount of time lost in the course of 12 months was 262 hours and 43 minutes.

In simple terms, that’s 11 working days a year lost on average because the software in place wasn’t doing what it was put there to do.

Addressing software issues proactively

Most software needs to be updated or ‘patched’ from time to time. The reasons for this are many, but the nature of software is that new features may be added, user interfaces may be updated to improve usability, little flaws or anomalies may be fixed, and security vulnerabilities may need to be plugged.

Perhaps the most common reason, however, is that operating systems and other software are updated, so if the applications running on them or in conjunction with them (to extend their capabilities) are not themselves updated within a specified timeframe, issues may start to creep in.

The Equisys approach

Equisys offers Software Assurance to take care of all these issues before they crop up.

Here’s how it works and why it’s necessary. Suppliers of most software products (including Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics NAV) release regular updates and fixes to deal with bugs or improve the user experience.

That means that software such as Zetadocs and Zetafax that are designed to operate and be compatible with those products must keep pace and release updates at or near the time that updated versions of the Microsoft software are issued.

Software Assurance ensures that you receive your Equisys software updates in a timely way to ensure that your product continues to work as it should.

These software updates also include feature and usability improvements, so as well as working with the latest version of all the software you depend upon, you’ll also benefit from software improvements.

World class technical support

The benefits of software updates are clear.

However, updates are only part of the picture. To complement software updates, technical support is also key.

Equisys online support is available 24x7 and we offer support packages for all of our products. The different levels of support enable clients to tailor the support they receive to suit their budget and requirements. No matter which level of support you opt for, you will know that the solution to your technical issue can be just a simple point of contact away.

As well as online support we empower our customers to help themselves, with technical guides, documentation and how-to videos, so that should you want to you can bypass technical support completely. 

It offers complete peace of mind, as you can see from this testimonial from a satisfied client, Innovative Inc:

"In my role as a service engineer and reseller, I talk to technical support from many software manufacturers, and it seems the bar has really been raised in recent years. I congratulate Equisys for helping to set a new standard that makes owning and servicing technology so much more bearable and positive for my peers and my clients."

If you are a Zetadocs or Zetafax customer and would like to know more about the support options available to you, please contact us by clicking here.

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