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Spotlight on: AP automation

Spotlight on: AP automation

Find out all about our Zetadocs AP automation solution

Bansaree Millward

We are happy to share the third blog post in our ‘Spotlight on’ series, an exploration into our AP automation solution. Our last post in this series explored our remittance advice solution, the post can be found here.

Our AP automation solution enables individuals to streamline their accounts payable processes with intelligent optical character recognition (OCR), automated data entry (ADE) and order matching, allowing customers to spend more time on tasks that matter most.

The video below showcases how Zetadocs Capture uses intelligent document capture to create new purchase invoices or credit memos in Business Central, with header and line information entered automatically:

Zetadocs uses Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services that combines OCR capabilities with deep learning models to analyze and extract key fields and line items from supplier invoices. Key data is automatically captured from vendor invoices and a preview in Business Central is subsequently displayed prior to creating purchase invoices or credit memos. Zetadocs ensures header and line information is entered automatically and accurately, with no rules or templates to set up for each vendor.


There are multiple benefits of implementing our Zetadocs AP automation software, including:

It’s ready to go

One of the key advantages of our AP automation solution is that it requires no rules or templates to set up or maintain. This allows customers to quickly get started and immediately benefit from our AP automation offering.

Customers don’t have to spend time manually typing out each line from their supplier invoices or processing their vendor documents into Business Central, this is all done automatically using Zetadocs.

Furthermore, individuals will also be able to make the most of Zetadocs’ ability to remember past data values. Any changes made to the mappings between captured data values and a vendor, item or GL account in Business Central are always remembered by Zetadocs, removing the need to manually look up these values again.

These time-saving endeavours add up, saving accounts payable teams a lot of time in the long run.

Fewer approvals

With automated matching of purchase invoice lines to related order lines, including an option to automatically create receipts, Zetadocs enables finance teams to pay invoices quickly without a second payment approval and lots of manual processing.

Moreover, our AP automation solution reduces the need for manual administration. Zetadocs reduces the administrative effort of processing vendor invoices in several ways, including document OCR that is ready to use with no templates to maintain, automated filing of original documents and purchase order matching.

Full document visibility

Zetadocs archives original documents securely on Microsoft SharePoint Online 365. These documents are then easily accessible via a FactBox shown within Business Central that displays the purchase record.

In a world where numerous businesses now have some extent of hybrid working in place, enabling easy and instant access of documents across an organization has never been more important.

Documents such as invoices, incoming email or faxes can be reached on-screen immediately, removing any unnecessary delays. Not only does this increase efficiency, but it also solves the issue of document location and lets individuals across departments access the latest information they require.


Our AP automation solution enables customers to accomplish a multitude of tasks and enhances Business Central functionality in several ways. We’ll demonstrate how some of the main features work to achieve these benefits:

Intelligent OCR

Without any upfront “training” of the system, Zetadocs enables the rapid capture of supplier invoices by leveraging Microsoft Azure Applied AI Services. This combines powerful OCR capabilities with deep learning models to analyze and extract key fields and line items from supplier invoices.

Automated data entry

Customers can now rapidly create new purchase records in Business Central. Zetadocs extracts key data from a supplier invoice, then displays a preview of this information side-by-side with the original document. A new purchase invoice or credit memo is created in Business Central, with the header and line information entered automatically, as demonstrated by this GIF:

Automated order matching

With this new feature, matching purchase invoice lines to purchase order lines is made extremely simple, with the option to automatically receipt any line items that haven’t already been received. Further reducing the time spent manually processing invoices.

You can find a full comprehensive features list of this solution in our datasheet.

Automate your AP processes today

As explained throughout this post, our AP automation solution would immediately streamline your business processes utilizing intelligent OCR, automated data entry and order matching.

Not only would this instantly free up your time that would usually be spent manually inputting data and processing vendor documents, our Zetadocs solution would mean fewer approvals whilst providing full document visibility.

If you have any questions around our AP solution or would like to book in a personalized demo, our expert team would be more than happy to help. Reach out to us today!

The next blog post in our Spotlight on series will be covering another one of our document management solutions, collections management. Implementing this solution reduces the pain of collections management by presenting the right documents to the right people at the right time, encouraging earlier dialogue which allows faster dispute resolution and payment.

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