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Improving customer service with fax server software

Chris Oswald
Answer queries quickly and easily

Ever come across those call holding systems that say, “Your call is very important to us”? Meanwhile, you’re kept waiting for 20 minutes for the “next available operator”.

Companies that run these systems usually say that customer service is a major priority for them.

But it’s not.

In fact, customer service ethos seems to have warped from “something that helps the customer” into “something that makes the customer’s life more difficult, but makes ours much easier”.

Organisations that really care about customer service don’t have to tell you about it or put out meaningless messages about how important it is. They just put the systems in place to make it happen well.

As customers, we don’t care what goes on at the backend; we just want a speedy solution. Since “time” is such a vital component of customer service, anything that saves time or increases efficiency should be part of the backend process.

Take faxing, for example. Companies that really care about customer service don’t rely on a fax machine sitting in a dark corner to send and receive vitally important faxes.  Incoming faxes can go missing, get picked up by a careless temp and dropped on the wrong desk, or end up falling behind the cabinet only to be found 2 years later. Outgoing faxes are prone to similar issues.

So companies that really care about customer service use fax software from vendors like Equisys. Fax server software like Zetafax can improve customer service on all sorts of levels.

For instance, if your customers choose to fax their service query or complaint to you, that fax can be routed direct to your customer service department, or even an individual customer service operator.

Instead of sitting on a fax machine, the service query is delivered straight into a specific customer support email inbox and takes its place in the service queue alongside the email queries.

Once addressed, it can be archived electronically – as a PDF or in another common format – with other customer service records in your CRM system and then be retrieved quickly next time the customer calls in.

And of course, if your customer wants a fax confirmation of the service query or solution, fax software allows your customer service team to send faxes direct from their email client, MS Office application or CRM system.

Customer service should be fast, efficient and helpful. Deploying fax server software as part of the process will help your company really deliver good customer service. Not just talk about it.

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