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Important information for NAV partners upgrading customers to NAV 2017

Important information for NAV partners upgrading customers to NAV 2017

Make your Zetadocs Express migration a success

Graeme Farquhar

Zetadocs Express allows users to drag and drop files and emails into Microsoft Dynamics NAV records, save and send individual NAV reports by email, and digitally archive documents. It's a product that is in use at over 4,000 organizations globally, demonstrating its immense popularity.

If you are a NAV partner who is currently migrating Zetadocs Express customers onto NAV 2017, there is some important information you need to know.

Some background

Zetadocs Express is baked into Zetadocs for NAV. That means there is only one software download and no re-implementation costs for the customer when they come to upgrade. By using just a license key, customers can be upgraded from Zetadocs Express to Zetadocs Capture Essentials and Zetadocs Delivery Essentials.

Zetadocs Express includes four Express users free. All NAV users can view directly the documents those users archive within NAV from the Zetadocs Documents FactBox. Customers who need more users or who require additional features can now upgrade to paid-for editions using just a license key.

Drag & Drop

Migrating customers to NAV 2017

NAV 2017 users who are also Zetadocs Express users must be on the latest version of Express. Of course, this brings several considerations for you when migrating customers to NAV 2017, such as ensuring your customer requirements are delivered.

To gain a full understanding of what these changes mean for you, we would encourage you to watch our webinar, which covers the changes in more detail. Simply scroll down to the "Recorded webinars" section.

We also have loads of resources to support you in upgrading Zetadocs Express customers who are migrating to NAV 2017. Please contact us to discuss what you require and we will be happy to provide this.

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