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Evolution doesn’t need to cost

Greg Cole

Is your company’s software trailing behind? Timemaster offers an improved solution.

Implementing professional services automation (PSA) software can be expensive and time consuming. And, if you implemented such software years ago, its output, development and support, may be outdated. In fact, the investment you made back then, instead of giving you a return, could be making life harder now.

I see this play out time and time again. I met with a large consulting engineer firm recently, who invested more than £40,000 in software 10-plus years ago. In just five years, the software it had installed became outdated. Why? It remained untouched and lacked development. Imagine the things we all did 10 years ago. We had flip phones, topped up our pre-paid mobiles, listened to the dial-up internet tone, rented physical DVDs and, if you were a smoker, did so in pubs. Just like society, over time companies and their processes have evolved. Sadly, the software hasn’t been flexible enough to evolve with them.

Software needs to solve our problems. I’ll give you an example. I met with two technical directors recently who both use different processes to manage their projects. After discussion, they both agreed that they needed flexible software to help configure the systems they both used.

Investing in new software is a big decision, but if that new system will help increase efficiency, save time and increase profitability, then calculating ROI becomes simple.

Once you’ve decided whether the cost of software is justified, then, it’s time to justify the cost of people’s time.

Business is booming across the built environment, so people’s time is at a premium. Although learning a new system can seem daunting, it’s important that the company you choose to work with helps support your staff and IT department, so they will not only accept the solution, but use it effectively.

Systems are built for people to use, therefore, when PSA software is implemented, it’s paramount that your employees are happy using it. After all, if they don’t use the solution properly then the data from the system is obsolete.

Timemaster-Logo-Final-RGB-300ppi-400x132The Timemaster evolution

Timemaster is a cost effective, flexible solution that can be implemented in the cloud or on premise. We know how important it is to ensure a smooth implementation. That’s why we ensure the following:

  • A dedicated technical consultant
  • A personalized implementation service
  • Bespoke training programs
  • Two-hour email support
  • Two-hour phone support
  • An on-going support plan after implementation sign off

We also offer unrivalled implementation services that help you transition from your current solution to Timemaster, bringing your company into the networked age.

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