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PRB: Cannot sign in to Zetadocs Payables Approval using my Microsoft Account



ID: ZTN4224

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Version 1.0 of Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Payables Approval


Having clicked the Complete Registration link in the Welcome email a user is able to use Zetadocs Payables Approval for a short period. However on attempting to log in with their Microsoft Account credentials later they receive the message stating that they are Unauthorized to access the system. This is despite them being able to log into their Microsoft Account and associated Microsoft services without incident.


Zetadocs Payables Approval utilizes Microsoft Accounts to provide a secure login mechanism. As such if a user is logged into a Microsoft Account when they click the Complete Registration button in the invitation email, this Microsoft Account will be automatically associated with the Zetadocs Payables Approval account.

If the user was signed into a Microsoft Account other than the one they wish to use to log into Zetadocs Payables Approval, these credentials which are cached in the web browser will be used. Once this initial login session has timed out, or been closed by the user, and the user attempts to log back in using their desired, but different, Microsoft Account there is credential mismatch which causes them to receive the unauthorized message.


There are two ways of resolving this issue:

  1. Identify which of the users alternative Microsoft Accounts was used and if suitable use this to access Zetadocs Payables Approval.
  2. Deactivate the account and create a new one for the user.

To do this simply:

  1. Log in as an Administrator in the relevant Zetadocs Payables Approval account.
  2. Browse to the Settings page.
  3. Click on Users.
  4. Select the user who had troubles signing in and click Disable.
  5. A screen with the corresponding user details will be displayed, click Disable.
  6. Select Invite Users and click on Invite.
  7. Enter the email address of the user who had problems signing into Zetadocs Payables Approval and select Invite to send them an Invitation email.
  8. When the user receives their Invitation email ensure that they are logged out of any Microsoft Accounts and clear the cache of the web browser that they are using. This should remove any Microsoft Account credentials that may have been used, close the browser and open it again.
  9. Click on the ‘Complete Registration’ link in the new Invitation email.
  10. They will then be prompted to sign into their Microsoft Account, ensure the correct account details are used before completing the account registration.


This was identified as an issue with the version of the software given above.

Last updated: 27th December 2012 (SD/MW)

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