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INFO: What is new in Zetafax 2012



ID: ZTN1884

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 2012


This technical note provides a brief description of the changes in Zetafax 2012 from the previous Zetafax version, Zetafax 2011, and where to find further information about the release.

More information

Zetafax 2012 provides a range of new and improved features, including:

  • Auto Cleanup

    • Removes the need for manual maintenance of user Inbox and Outbox folders. The administrator sets allowed quotas for messages in each users Inbox and Outbox folders. These are then implemented by the Zetafax Server, according to a user defined schedule, which will abort or delete messages as required.
    • System default and user override settings allow administrators to create system wide rules and then fine tune them using user specific settings.

  • Delete After Sending

    • The Zetafax Client can now be configured so that messages are removed from the Outbox automatically once they have been sent successfully. This feature is a user setting, and is configured by the user in the Zetafax Client options screen. 

  • Add signatures and other annotations before sending
    • Faxes which have been printed to the Zetafax Printer can be annotated before sending, using the rich set of annotation tools available in the Zetafax Viewer. These tools enable you to add a standard image (eg a signature) to the fax page, or to blank out sensitive information before sending.

  • Client Tidy-Up feature extended to include Sent Items folder

    • The Zetafax Client includes a Tidy-Up action. This enables users to abort or delete messages which are older than a specified limit. This has now been extended to include the Sent Items folder. The folders are individually selectable, so users can apply a different age limit when tidying up the Sent Items folder if required.

  • Include transmission details on manually printed faxes

    • The Zetafax Client can now add a transmission report to the top of the fax page when printing sent or received faxes, as a user selectable option. The transmission report is printed as a single line at the top of the page, matching the format used by the Zetafax Server for automated printing.  It includes a page number and total page count, to help with collating printed output.

  • Multiple message print

    • The Zetafax Client now enables a user to print multiple messages in a single operation, either by selecting a range of messages or by selecting a number of individual messages before selecting print.

  • Management of previous recipients list

    • Users can delete entries from their previous recipients list from within the New Fax wizard.  This enables users to remove old or incorrect entries, making it easier to find correct entries and reducing the risk of selecting an incorrect entry.

  • Remember previously opened window on startup

    • The Zetafax Client now displays the previously selected window on startup, rather than always starting with the Outbox window displayed.

  • Zetafax API 64-bit support

    • Zetafax 2012 now includes a 64-bit native version of the Zetafax API libraries.  These are fully source code compatible with the 32-bit version of the API, meaning that 32-bit applications can be rebuilt as 64-bit applications without any changes in the integration work being required.

  • Administrator option to delete messages sent using the API

    • The Zetafax API includes a message option to specify whether the fax should be deleted automatically after sending.  This may be set to leave completed messages in the Outbox, delete the message if successful, or delete the messages on completion whatever the outcome. With Zetafax 2012, the default behaviour is determined by the setting for the submitting user, enabling a user to change behaviour of a third party application.

  • Update to version 6.5 of Brooktrout drivers

    • Zetafax 2012 includes an updated version of the Brooktrout drivers, version 6.5.  These drivers are used with Brooktrout fax boards and with the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition), and include the following enhancements compared to the version included with Zetafax 2011
      • Support for new low-profile TR1034 fax boards, These are half-length, half-height PCI Express boards available in a range of channel densities.

      • Adaptive Fax Timer Support, the T.30 fax timers will self-adjust according to the fax transport method being used and any delays experienced during the fax call.

      • Interoperability improvements of the SR140 software with T.38 phone systems and other devices.

These features are described further on the Zetafax website http://www.equisys.com/Zetafax2012, and in the Zetafax online documentation available from the website or within Zetafax.

Zetafax 2012 also includes the software improvements detailed in the following technical notes:

Zetafax 2012 also contains a wide range of quality and performance improvements over the previous product version, including:

  • Uninformative error messages were presented when scanning colour images, this has now been improved to provide end users with more constructive feedback and information.

  • A number of improvements to the print header line functionality in the server.

  • In certain circumstances some embedded commands were not processed properly, this has now been resolved.

  • Improvements to the Brooktrout driver upgrade process.

Full instructions for upgrading to Zetafax 2012 from earlier Zetafax versions are given in the following technical note:

To discuss how Zetafax 2012 can help your business, and for information about obtaining an upgrade to this version, please contact your software supplier or Equisys.

Last updated: 16th May 2012 (GW/MW)

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