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INFO: Fax devices supported by Zetafax.



ID: ZTN1029

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 6 to Zetafax 2009


Zetafax supports the following devices:

  • Most Class 1, Class 1.0 modems (introduced in Zetafax 6)
  • Most Class 2 and Class 2.0 modems
  • Brooktrout intelligent fax boards*
  • Eicon Diva Server cards along with most active ISDN controller cards supporting CAPI (with fax support) – introduced with Zetafax 6
  • Eicon Diva Analog fax boards*
  • Eicon Diva SoftIP (Fax over IP for use with IP PBX’s that support T38)
  • Intel/Dialogic Gammalink range of intelligent fax boards*

* contact your local distributor for details of specific board models supported

More information

If you already have a modem and are not sure whether it is compatible with Zetafax, then you can do the following to check.

Connect the device to one of your COM ports or configure it so that there is a COM port presented to the system.

Open Hyperterminal and choose to connect to the COM port directly.

You should now be able to communicate with the device directly using standard AT commands. The following command will report what classes the device supports.


Result codes to this command will indicate what classes the device supports


= data mode


= fax class 1


= fax class 1.0


= fax class 2


= fax class 2.0


= voice

If the device does not include 1, 1.0, 2 or 2.0 as part of the result code then Zetafax will not be able to work with the device.


For additional information on fax devices, please see the following Zetafax technical notes:

ZTN1000-PRB: Modem trouble shooting guide for Zetafax.

ZTN1003-INFO: Modem hang-up status codes for class 2.0 fax.

ZTN1065-INFO Enabling detailed logging within Zetafax.

ZTN1036-HOWTO: Configuring Zetafax with USR Fax modems.

ZTN1038-FIX: Inward routing fails with ZYXEL 2834I ISDN modem if configured to use Class 1.

ZTN1039-FIX: Errors using USR Courier V.Everything with Zetafax.

ZTN1040-FIX: Errors using Zetafax with Equinox Analogue modem pool.

Last reviewed: 16 July 2014 (NT)

Date Published: 11 May 2000 (GC/GW)

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