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INFO: € (Euro) currency character support with Zetafax



ID: ZTN1186

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version


Work through this document if the Zetafax client update (ZFCU_75068.EXE) available on the Equisys Website, has not resolved the problems you are experiencing with the € (Euro) currency character.

More information

There are a number of areas where the process could be failing. These are detailed below:

Client and Server operating systems

Operating systems (OS) like Windows 95 and NT4 SP6a require a Euro update to be applied before the Euro will fully be supported on the OS. Applications like Word 2000 offer Euro support (Ctrl+Alt+E) without the need to have updated the OS to support the Euro character.

Confirm OS have been updated accordingly; this should include the computer hosting the Zetafax server application.

Coversheet fonts

All coversheets that Zetafax users have available to them should be using fonts that support the Euro character; these fonts should also be installed on the Zetafax server. If they do not, you should install an update for the font on the Zetafax server, or edit the coversheet using the Zetafax Coversheet editor to use an alternative font. For more information on editing and creating coversheets please refer to your Zetafax user guide.

If you are having issues with coversheets that have the Euro symbol within the design of the coversheet you should update the coversheet using the coversheet editor downloaded as part of the Zetafax client update (as mentioned above).

NOTE: Coversheets created using the fax merge commands (pre version 6.00b) will not work. If your coversheets were created using the fax merge commands then you must recreate them from scratch using the Coversheet editor.

Zetafax server with the e-mail gateway

The Zetafax e-mail gateway supports a number e-mail clients and mail servers, all of these systems support sending e-mail messages in plain text format. Submitting faxes via these systems using plain text can cause certain non standard characters (these include the Euro) to be lost or converted into other characters. If you want to ensure that messages submitted by users do not lose the Euro character when submitting faxes you must submit them as document attachments.

Organisations using the e-mail gateway with Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes have the option to default the message body format to rich text (RTF). By using this option users are able to submit messages containing Euro characters in the body of the message.

The Zetafax API

If you are submitting faxes using the API you may need to specify an alternative character set for the Zetafax server. When Zetafax is installed, the installation program will automatically detect the operating system settings and if the language is supported the appropriate language libraries are used with the default character set. It is possible – however this is not the preferred method – to force Zetafax to use a specific character set. This is documented in the resolution section of technical note ‘ZTN1116-HOWTO Enable international language support with Zetafax’.


ZTN1187-PRB € (Euro) character removed from faxes when sent via ZSUBMIT

ZTN1172-FIX € (Euro) character is replaced by an invalid or blank character

ZTN1116-HOWTO Enable international language support with Zetafax

Last updated: 13 December 2001 (SV/DH)

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