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HOWTO: Understanding Zetafax license numbers



ID: ZTN1234

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 5.5 and later.


This document describes how to interpret Zetafax licenses. This will allow you to determine which licenses should be used for what purpose, and to recognise incomplete or incorrect licenses.

More information

Starter System License Number

Format: 8 digits - 6 letters (A always being the first one) - 6 random letters (eg: 64111111- ABBBBB -CCCCCC)

Version 8, the format is 8 digits - START and the number of users - 6 random letters (eg: 68111111-START5- CCCCCC)

From Version 9, the format is 8 digits - contains START, the version and the number of users - 6 random letters (eg: 98111111-V9START5-AAAAAA or 26111111-V10START5-AAAAAA)

When you first purchase Zetafax, you will be given a starter system license number. Make a note of this number, as you will need it every time you install any version of Zetafax.

Note: starter license numbers always start with 8 digits.

Upgrade License Number

Format: 8 digits starting with a U - a description of the upgrade - 6 letters (eg: U2721111-V10USER50-AAAAAA)

Upgrade license numbers can never be used to install a new copy of Zetafax. You must always enter the starter system license first, and then add the upgrade licenses afterwards.

Note: upgrade license number always starts with a U.

This type of upgrade is used to go from one version to another. The number after V indicates the Zetafax version number you are upgrading to. The number after USER indicates the maximum number of users this upgrade can be applied to. An X after USER indicates a version upgrade for systems with more than 200 users. This type of upgrade does not add extra users, and should not be confused with the User add-on (see below).

Add-on License Numbers

Here are some common types of add-on licenses which you can recognise by the description in the middle section:

User add-on - Eg: U1111111-USER50-AAAAAA

This type of add-on allows you to add new users to the Zetafax Server. The number after USER indicates the number of extra users you will have after applying the add-on. This type of license should not be confused with a Version upgrade (see above).

Line add-on - Eg: U1111111-LINE-AAAAAA

This type of add-on adds extra " lines" .  It allows you to install more devices (modems, Brooktrout channels etc.) to the Zetafax Server. The number after LINE indicates how many new devices you can add; an X after LINE indicates unlimited lines.

API add-on - Eg: U1111111-API-AAAAAA

This type of add-on allows you to integrate Zetafax with any application.

Rendering add-on - Eg: U1111111-RENDER-AAAAAA

This type of add-on allows you to convert documents.

SMS add-on - Eg: U1111111-SMS-AAAAAA

This type of add-on allows you to send text messages.  

Modified License Number

Every time you add an upgrade or an add-on to Zetafax, the license number displayed in the Zetafax Configuration changes (see illustration on previous page). However, this is not the Starter system license number. You cannot use this number to install Zetafax.

You can tell the difference between the modified license and the Starter system license.  The second section of the modified license always starts with a Q.


ZTN1499 - How to: Updating to Zetafax 2006

Keywords: License, licence, upgrade, upgrading, add-on.

Last reviewed: 24 August 2006 (CB/EB)

Date published: 28 October 2002 (ET/SV)

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