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HOWTO: Prepare Microsoft Exchange 5.5 prior to installing Zetalink



ID: ZTN2001

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • Zetalink 2.0


This document details required manual configuration changes to Microsoft Exchange version 5.5 prior to a Zetalink install and should be read in conjunction with the Zetalink Implementation Guide.

More information

With Exchange 5.5 Zetalink Exchange components rely on the Microsoft Exchange Event service to trigger events in Exchange mailboxes. Certain security changes need to be applied to the Exchange server to allow Zetalink to interact with this service and its mailboxes.

Note: On some systems the Microsoft Exchange Event service is not started by default. On these systems the EventConfig system folder mentioned later in this document will not be available until the Event service has been started. If this service is not started and not set to run automatically it must be changed to do so. Follow the instructions below to achieve this:

  1. Run the services snap-in from Control panel to display the list of services currently installed on the system. Find the 'Microsoft Exchange Event' service.
  2. Set its 'Startup Type' to automatic and start it. If it does not exist you will need to install it from the Exchange server CD-ROM.

Work through the following steps on the Exchange 5.5 server system in order to create and modify the EventsConfig folder and assign it the correct permissions.

  1. Once the Microsoft Exchange Event service is started it will create the EventsConfig Folder. You now need to change the security on this folder. To do this, run the Exchange Administrator (Start|Programs|Microsoft Exchange|Microsoft Exchange Administrator).
  2. Browse to the System Folders list (< organisation> |Folders|System Folders).

  1. Select the Events Root folder to display the EventConfig folder (Note: The folder will have the name EventConfig_< Server Name> ). Highlight this folder and click 'Properties' on the 'File' menu.
  2. You will now have a dialog box displaying the properties of the Event Config folder. Click the 'Client Permissions' button on the 'General' tab to launch the 'Client Permissions' dialog box.
  3. Highlight the 'Default' user and set its 'Role' to 'Owner', Click OK to exit. Note: you will have to do this on each Exchange 5.5 server with the Zetalink exchange components installed on your network.
  4. Next select the Recipients container and choose 'Properties' on the 'File' menu. Click on the 'Permissions' tab and select the 'Add.' button to add the Zetalink Service account user to the list, then change their 'Role' to 'User', click OK to close. Repeat this step on all Recipients containers containing Zetalink user mailboxes, once complete exit out of the Exchange Administrator.

  1. This last step requires a restart of the Exchange services to take effect and is only necessary if the Zetalink Service account user is not the Exchange services account.
  2. The Zetalink Exchange components will now have the necessary rights to interact with the Event service.

Last updated: 20 May 2002 (SV/DH)

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