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HOWTO: Install and configure the email gateway for Exchange 5.5, Exchange 2000, and Exchange 2003




This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 6.00 with Exchange 5.5
  • Zetafax 7.5 with Exchange 2000
  • Zetafax 8.0 and later with Exchange 2003


The Zetafax Email Gateway acts as a link between an email system and the Zetafax server.  It allows faxes to be submitted directly from the email client program, and will deliver received faxes to the users email Inbox.


There are a number of requirements needed to be met before the email gateway can be installed.

  1. Zetafax server needs to be installed and configured.
  2. The Zetafax Server application must not be running during the installation of the email gateway.
  3. The exchange connector needs to be installed on an Exchange 5.5 or Exchange 2000 machine.
  4. Outlook 2002, 2000, or 98 (for Exchange 5.5 only) needs to be installed with a user profile on the machine where the Zetafax server is located. This is to ensure that a list of email users can be imported from Microsoft Exchange.

(Note: You must not install Outlook on the same system as exchange as specified by Microsoft.).

  1. Applications that you wish to render, i.e. Word and Excel should be installed on the Zetafax server system.
  2. The installation must not be done on a machine running terminal services.

Installing the email gateway

As of Zetafax Server version 9 the Email Gateway is automatically installed when the Zetafax server installation is done, and is not required to be installed separately.

1.            To install the gateway insert the Zetafax CD, navigate to the email gateway section and click on 'Install Zetafax E-mail Gateway'.

2.            You will be presented with a Welcome screen (see below), Select Full Gateway Installation. Then click next.

  1. After the program files have been installed the next section will require you to add a mail system, configure it and enable rendering.

  1. Click on the Add Mail. option, select the mail system that you are using.

NOTE: With version or later you will have the option for Microsoft Exchange not 5.5 or 2000. You will only need to select Microsoft exchange.

  1. The next step is to configure the email system you have chosen (see below). Ensure that the driver enabled option is ticked and you have correctly specified the connector path location. All the other setting should be left as default.

(NOTE: you will have to share the folder if the Exchange and Zetafax are installed on separate systems).

  1. Click the Test Connection button to ensure the Exchange Connector path is correct. If there are any problems with connections please ensure the path name is valid. If using an UNC path please ensure you have the right permissions to the share.
  1. After you receiving a Connection OK message, click OK and OK again to continue onto the next section.

Now the rendering options for the email gateway need to be configured. This section takes you through the stages of

·                Registering rendering applications,

·                Installing the Mail Rendering Subsystem printer driver on the Zetafax server PC.

1.            To configure rendering select the rendering option button (see below).

2.            You will need to install ASCII (see below) and associate RTF files with word to do this first Install word so that is appears in the Installed Applications list just click on Associate and type in RTF in the customize section.

3.            Once you have finished installing your applications, click on the Rendering tab. Once the rendering options have been made available to you. The mail rendering subsystem printer has been installed. You will now be able to see the Mail Rendering Subsystem printer in the printer's folder (this will be in addition to the Zetafax FaxMerge Printer and Zetafax Printer).

4.            After you have added all the required applications click OK, and OK again to exit.

5.            The next stage is to configure Zetafax users to use the email gateway. You will be prompted to enable users and to do this Zetafax needs to export a list of user's email addresses from the Exchange server.(see below)

6.            If you are using Exchange 5.5 please ensure that you have correctly typed in your organisational name and site name. If the names are not correct then the import of addresses will fail. You can get the exact name in Microsoft Exchange Administrator.

7.            After the import has taken place you can choose to setup a mail user profile so one email users can submit faxes via a shared account. On this occasion please select NO and NO again as you can enable current Zetafax users to use the email gateway.

8.            You will now need to enable the Zetafax users to use the email gateway. This can be done by selecting a Zetafax user in User and User groups and click on options on the screen below. To import his email user name click on Browse select his name from the list.

9.            After enabling users they should be able to use the email gateway once the Zetafax outlook extensions have been installed.

NOTE: for more information on installing the Outlook forms and extension please refer to the technical note ZTN1113 HOWTO: Installing Zetafax Outlook forms and extensions


ZTN1113 HOWTO: Installing Zetafax Outlook forms and extensions

Last Updated: 14 December 2005 (MS/EB)

First Published: 27 Nov 2002 (IM/SV)

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