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HOWTO: Configure older Brooktrout TR1034 PRI boards



ID: ZTN1397

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9.1 and later


Some older Brooktrout TR1034 boards are not correctly identified by the latest Brooktrout API and the Zetafax Server. These boards need to be added manually using the Brooktrout Configuration Tool in off-line mode. This document describes how to do this.

Note: this technical note applies to systems where an older board is being configured with Zetafax for the first time. If you have Zetafax version 8 or 9 system already configured with a TR1034 card and wish to use Zetafax version 9.1, you must refer to this technical note ZTN1394-HOWTO Upgrade Brooktrout TR1034 Installations from Zetafax version 8 or 9 Pre SP1.

More information


When trying to configure the Brooktrout board using the Brooktrout Device Configuration tool or Zetafax configuration snap in, you receive one of the following error messages.

"The board has no working channels. Check that the firmware been applied correctly"

"BfvLineReset for module 0x2 failed (Misc error: Packet recive error.: status 8000020)."

Configuring an older TR1034 E1/T1 board

  1. Remove the device from the Zetafax Configuration program if it has been previously added.
  2. Bring up a command prompt and navigate to the Brooktrout Configuration Tool install folder.
  3. Launch the configuration tool in offline mode.

  1. The Configuration Tool will have attempted to determine the type of board that is installed.  Remove this device by selecting it in the tree and clicking the 'Remove' button on the toolbar.

  1. The 'Add' button to the immediate left of the 'Remove' button becomes enabled.  Click 'Add'.  The following dialog is displayed:

  1. Select the board Module Number - as specified by the rotary dial on the Brooktrout board - and the Board Type - as specified on the box that your board arrived in and also on the board itself - and click OK.
  2. Click 'Save' on the toolbar to save the configuration.
  3. Launch the Zetafax Configuration program and re-add the board.


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ZTN1395-HOWTO Install and configure Brooktrout TR1034 and TruFax BRI intelligent fax boards.

ZTN1394-HOWTO Upgrade Brooktrout TR1034 Installations from Zetafax version 8 or 9 Pre SP1.

Last reviewed: 11 November 2005 (GC/EB)

Date Published:  8 September 2004 (GR/SV)

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