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FIX: Print to fax addressing dialog is not presented in a terminal session running Zetafax 9.1.



ID: ZTN1450

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 9.1


This patch resolves the symptom of documents not being successfully printed and the user is not presented with the addressing dialog box.


The print controller fails to determine the correct user area when creating the printed spool file.


The update is available via the Zetafax Update Service. To check for updates simply click the “ Check for Updates… ” shortcut under Start/Programs/Zetafax  on the Zetafax server, or by clicking “ Check for Updates… ” in the help menu of the Zetafax Server application.

Alternatively  this issue can be resolved  manually by downloading  the updated print controller  from here.


Having downloaded and applied the update, the patch needs to be distributed to all machines that have the Zetafax Client currently installed. This  can be done by running the Zetafax Client install from each workstation affected.

Alternatively the client can be rolled out using group policy as documented in ZTN1336 - HOWTO: How to install the Zetafax client using group policy.    


This behaviour was corrected in the above patch.

Last updated: 08 September 2005 (EB/SV/LD)

First Published: 25 April 2005 (BM/SV)

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