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FIX: Hayes Accura modems fail to send faxes



ID: ZTN1284

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 8.0.1


When dialling from one Hayes Accura modem to another, they fail to connect. However both Hayes Accura modems can send and receive to and from a fax machine without any problems. The calling Zetafax Server reports the warning 'Failed to negotiate fax parameters.' The answering Zetafax Server reports the information line 'Unexpected disconnection from remote' and then reports the error 'Error UNABLE TO CONNECT OR NO ANSWER receiving page from Fax.'


The answering modem is slow in responding during the connection phase, and there is not enough tolerance in the originating Class 1 protocol implementation.

More detailed technical description: The originating modem sends a training sequence to the answering modem, to which it responds with a CFR packet. However the answering modem is slow in responding and the originating modem does not wait long enough. The originating modem gives up waiting and attempts a second training sequence. Eventually both sides give up.


The amount of time that the originating side will wait can be extended as follows:

  1. Stop the Zetafax server
  2. Edit zfax\system\z-db\setup.ini
  3. Locate the Hayes Accura device paragraph
  4. At the end of the paragraph, add the tag TrainResponseWait: 6000
  5. Save the setup.ini file
  6. Start the Zetafax server

When the Zetafax server starts, you should see the message " TrainResponseWait delay set to 6000 ms" for the Hayes Accura device, which confirms the fix is operating.

The fix should be implemented at any originating Zetafax Server.


This fix was implemented in Zetafax Version 8.0.1, previous versions of Zetafax need to be upgraded to support Hayes Accura modems to function correctly.

Last updated: 9 June 2003 (SD/SV)

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