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What's New in Zetadocs PDF v5.0



ID: ZTN3564

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF v5.0


This technote summarises the changes in Zetadocs PDF v5.0 from v4.2.

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The following changes have been made to Zetadocs PDF v5.0:

  • Deductive addressing - Zetadocs now removes recipient information from a document when it has been successfully sent to that recipient.  This helps to easily identify failed recipient submissions, avoids sending a document twice to the same recipient in error.  It is also more intuitive for the user, giving them a positive confirmation of the send action.

  • Control of PDF file size - An option has been added to select the image quality to use in creating the PDF file.  This enables a user to create smaller PDF files by reducing the image quality where needed – for example when sending documents containing large amounts of graphics.

  • Improved notification and logging of message submission results - Feedback to the user after sending a message has been improved, with improved logging and notification of successful sending and of errors.

  • Performance improvements - There have been significant improvements to the speed and memory usage of the Zetadocs client application, particularly when used with large numbers of documents in the Document Explorer window and with large PDF files

  • Improved application compatibility - The Zetadocs printer drivers have been updated to widen the range of supported applications, including adding support for Crystal Reports versions 10 and 11.

  • Support for Windows 2008 Server - The Zetadocs client and Zetadocs printer driver now support Windows 2008 Server, 64-bit (standard) and 32-bit versions.

  • Support for Windows Vista 64-bit version - The Zetadocs client and Zetadocs printer driver now support the 64-bit (standard) processor version of Windows Vista.


Last updated: 08/07/2008 (MW)

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