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PRB: WAP Browse and Setting up alert rules returns 0x80040e19



ID: ZTN2045

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • Zetalink Version 2.0 and Exchange 2000


When trace logging is enabled. (Refer to ZTN2000 to enable trace logging.) the Zetalink logger reports the following when a user attempts to create a rule.


About to open connection with string 'file://./backofficestorage/Domain.com/mbx/alias/Inbox/'

COM exception caught before returning: 0x80040e19

Provider; Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not found within the scope of this operation.

Failed to create event binding on server E2K-SERVER for folder Inbox _com_error 0x80040e19 updating binding IDispatch error #3097
Error adding binding: 80040e19 IDispatch error #3097

Also when a user attempts to browse the Wap site the logger may report the following.

Logged on Exchange server GOLD-SERVER. Processing command...


Error: ExOLEDB is unavailable (0x80040e19)

Provider; Object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was not found within the scope of this operation. Failed to access calendar data: Unspecified error Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Internet Publishing; Unspecified error


Logged off CDOEx session

COM exception caught before returning: 0x81650606

Failed to access calendar data: %1

Failed to access calendar data: %1

Trace: Exception caught in GetTodayPage(): 81650606

Failed to access calendar data: %1


This is caused by the type of mailbox and the properties of that mailbox on the Exchange 2000 server.

Three situations can cause this error.

  1. If the Mailbox has not yet been accessed. I.E. A new user is trying to access his/her mailbox via Zetalink  before accessing it via Outlook 2000/XP.
  2. If the Mailbox is stored on a Exchange 2000 'Front End' server.
  3. If the 'NT Account' name is different from the 'Alias' name. When the mailbox is accessed the 'Alias' name is used to create/access the 'Web store' folder for Exchange Information Store. This is accessed via 'file://./backofficestorage/< Organisation> /mbx/< alias> /Inbox/'. The Zetalink account incorrectly uses the 'NT Account' name to access mailboxes via CDOEX and not the 'Alias'.
  4. If the Primary SMTP address in the Exchange 2000 Recipient policy has been changed from the Network DNS name for E-mail.


The first two causes can be resolved by;

  1. Logging into the Mailbox with an outlook client.
  2. Not having the mailbox on a front end server.

A patch is available to resolve this issue on systems where the third and fourth causes apply. This is available from the Equisys website using the following URL.


This file should be downloaded, extracted to an empty folder on the system requiring the update, then executed from the folder.


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

ZTN2000-HOWTO Enabling detailed logging with Zetalink

Last updated: 5 Aug 2002 (JG/SV)

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