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PRB: Unable to print Zetadocs Expense reports in Chrome or Edge browsers



This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs Expenses while using browsers based on Chromium versions 114 or 115


When printing a Zetadocs Expenses report which contains a large number of PDF multipage receipts or a report which contains a large number of Expenses attached, the browser will crash and give an error: Out of memory.

This only happens when using Chromium based browsers.


This is the result of a change of behaviour with the above versions of Chromium based browsers and has been identified by Chrome as a bug. 


As this issue is only happening within Chromium based browsers such as Chrome and Edge, we advise using another browser to print your Zetadocs Expenses reports until this issue has been resolved. Please note that we do not actively test other browsers, so we would still advise using your standard browser for all other functionality.


The issue is resolved in Dev channel builds of Chrome version 116. The timing of when this will be generally available in a stable build is dependant on the Chrome release schedule. Please use the work around until this becomes available. The Chrome road map can be found here: Chrome Platform Status (chromestatus.com)

Last updated: 21st June 2023 (BB/NT) 

Keywords: Expense Reports, Printing, printer, Chrome, Edge, Out of Memory

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