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PRB: Unable to add Brooktrout board to Zetafax devices on NT4 Server



ID: ZTN1532

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax Version 8 and later
  • Note: Zetafax 2009 and later do not support TR114
  • Windows NT4 Server


When trying to add a Brooktrout board to Zetafax using the device configuration utility, the device is not added to the list of installed devices and subsequently not installed for use in the Zetafax Server.


This is a known issue with software versions mentioned above. When you install Zetafax on a clean machine, you will be prompted to configure the users and devices etc. If you choose to install and configure the Brooktrout board straight away, it will install successfully. If you choose to skip this section and add the device at a later stage, you will not be able to install the device.


The easiest way to resolve this is issue is to uninstall the Zetafax server and re-install it again; this will then allow you to add the device. Please ensure you have a copy of your starter/addons license(s) before uninstalling Zetafax.

To back up the information please follow the instructions listed in this technote:

ZTN1388 INFO: Moving a Zetafax installation (Version 9 onwards)

You can also add the device manually by editing the setup.ini file, to do this you need to follow these instructions:

Go to "Zfax\System\Z-DB" and open the setup.ini file using notepad
Under the Devices header insert the following text:

DeviceGroup: BTA-G1 4 " TR114 BRI"

(BTA-G1 is the board, the number following this represents the number of channels the board has. The text inside the speech marks is simply a description of the device; this can be anything you choose.)

For example:

DeviceGroup: BTA-G1 4 " TR114 BRI faxes"
Device: PRINT-1 " Automatic printer"

Scroll down to the end of the text file and add the following text:

Description: BTA-G1 4 TR114 BRI
Type: TR114 BRI
ConnectTries: 1
DetectBusy: YES
DetectDial: YES
DialType: TONE
MinSendRetryPages: 5
Port: FAX0
ReceiveOnly: NO
ReceiveSpeed: 0
RestartInitialPages: 1
RestartSplitPages: 1
SendMsgTries: 2
TransmitSpeed: 0
ChannelsUsed: 4
ChannelsReserved: 0

This must match the description in the devices section

Fax number displayed on header

Fax port (starts from 0)

User set to receive the faxes - this can also be a group

Number of channels used

Number of channels reserved for receiving only

Once you have edited the setup.ini file to match your requirements you need to save the file and restart the Zetafax Server.

If you have a different Brooktrout board, please amend the device group and type (under the BTA-G1 header)to match the following:

DeviceGroup: BTA-G1 1 " TruFax Analog"
DeviceGroup: BTA-G1 1 " TR114 BRI"
DeviceGroup: BTA-G1 1 " TR114 E1/T1"

Type: TR114 BRI
Type: TruFax Analog
Type: TR114 E1/T1


This has been identified by Equisys as a problem with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 1st June 2009 (TA/MW)

Keywords: < NT4> < Brooktrout> < Devices>

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