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PRB: The Zetalink go.asp page fails to function after the lockdown tool has been run on the Zetalink web server.



ID: ZTN2036

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • All versions of Zetalink


When trying to access the Zetalink/go.asp website the browser reports 'Object Disabled' or a 'HTTP 403 - Forbidden Internet Explorer' but any test HTML pages appear fine.


The IIS Lockdown tool provided by Microsoft can be used to change the configuration on a system running IIS to make it more secure and less susceptible to external attacks.

On execution of this program you are presented with various changes that you can make to the IIS settings. If during the install the option to disable '.asp' pages was selected the go.asp page will fail to function correctly. This technical note describes how to re-enable '.asp' pages.


  1. Open the IIS management console - Start\Programs\Administrative Tools\Internet Services Manager.
  2. Right click on the server name (computer icon) and select the properties option. You will be presented with the following properties dialog box.

  1. Under the Master Properties heading select the WWW service and click edit.
  2. From the tab headings click on the Home Directory tab.  Ensure that the following settings are correct. 
    • 'Read' Access is ticked
    •   Execute Permissions are set to 'scripts only'

  1. Under Application Settings area select the 'configuration' button.
  2. The next dialog box presents you with a list of Application Mappings. Highlight the '.ASP' option and then select the edit button.

  1. Select the browse option and change the 'Files of type' to Dynamic link libraries (*.dll).
  2. Choose the ASP.DLL file from the list and select the open button.
  3. Click OK until you return to the Internet Services Manager main screen.
  4. Re-open Internet Explorer and enter the URL to view the zetalink\go.asp file. You will be presented with the following message:

HTML Browsers are not currently supported by Zetalink

  1. You will be able to access the site using a WAP device.


This has been identified by Equisys as a known issue with the software versions given above.

Last updated: 26th March 2002 (KM/SV)

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