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PRB: The Zetafax options coversheet list is blank within Lotus Notes



ID: ZTN1530

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9 and later
  • Lotus Domino 6 and later


When you use the Zetafax options button within either a Zetafax Memo or a Notes memo, the lists of coversheets and letterheads are blank - only < none> is listed. Restarting the Zetafax server does not populate the lists.


There is a problem with the views within the Domino template files that shipped with the versions of Zetafax listed above.


Download hotfix ZTN1530 Domino templates.zip.

1.            Extract to a local directory on the Zetafax server.

2.            Open the Lotus Notes client installed on the Zetafax server and switch the ID to a user that has rights to modify the PUBNAMES.NTF and MAIL6 or MAIL7.NTF templates.

3.            Run UPNOTES.EXE from the downloaded files on the Zetafax Server machine.

4.            Amend the default values for the 'Address Book Templates' section as follows:

'Zetafax template': < hotfix download path> \FAXNAMES.NTF

'Template to be upgraded': < Domino server data folder> \PUBNAMES.NTF

5.            Amend the default values for the 'Mail File Templates' section as follows:

'Zetafax template': < hotfix download path> \FAXMAIL60.NTF

'Template to be upgraded': < Domino server data folder> \MAIL6.NTF

Where '< hotfix download path> ' is the path to the directory of the hotfix download, and where '< Domino server data folder> ' is your Domino server data directory, e.g. 'C:\Lotus\Domino\Data\'. FAXMAIL60.NTF is the Zetafax mail template file for Notes 6 and 6.5 and FAXMAIL70.NTF is the Zetafax mail template file for Notes 7.

6.            Click on OK. You will be reminded that you need to modify the templates manually as well, and then the necessary items will be added to both the templates.

Note: you may find that Upnotes.exe is unable to access the ntf files when the Domino server is running. If this is the case you can either try shutting down the Domino server while you do the update, or you can shut down the router - go to the Domino server console and type 'tell router quit'. Run the update then type 'load router'.

7.            You now need to follow the instructions contained in technical note ZTN1444 (referenced below) from the section titled "Setting the permissions on the imported template files" to the end of the document. Although this article references Domino 6.5, the instructions are the same for Domino 7.

8.            It is vitally important that you do not skip steps. Each step is required to resolve the issue.


This behaviour was corrected by applying the above hotfix and following the configuration instructions


ZTN1444 HOWTO: Configure Lotus Domino 6.5 with Zetafax 9

Last updated: 28 June 2006 (GC/EB)

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