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PRB: 'Name not found in address book' error in Zetalink activity log



ID: ZTN2014

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • Zetalink version 1.0


An error in the Zetalink activity log is reported from ExchangeExe (Zetalink Exchange components) with a description "Name not found in address book: < NAME> ", where < NAME> is a recipient's name.


This message will appear in the log if a user attempts to send an e-mail via the Zetalink External Web Site to a recipient whose name cannot be resolved (i.e. the name cannot be found in the Zetalink user's contacts or the Exchange global address book).


Ignore the error, as it does not affect the functionality of the system.


The behaviour of the software versions given above is as designed.

Last updated: 15 November 2001 (AVS/DH)

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