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PRB: Faxes in the Zetafax Out window are all untitled



ID: ZTN1023

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax versions 5 to 8.


For some sent faxes in the Zetafax client OUT window, the filename is given as "(Untitled)"


The Zetafax client uses the document's file name (e.g. My Doc.doc) to display in the 'File' column of the 'Out' window when this is available.  However, it is not always able to determine the document name - in these cases it displays the name as "(Untitled)".

The Zetafax client is always able to determine the name of files sent directly using Send (File menu) or drag-drop from Explorer.

When files are printed to the Zetafax printer by an application, Zetafax attempts to determine the filename from the print-job name supplied by the application.  Many applications use the file name as part of the print job name (e.g. "My Doc.doc - Microsoft Word").  However this is not done in the same way by all programs, or indeed for all files printed from a single application. 

When the Zetafax printer is unable to determine the file name it uses "(Untitled)".  The most common causes are

  • The document has not yet been saved.
  • The application is not including the file name in the print job name, or doing it in an unrecognised manner.
  • The client operating system is Windows 2000 - this feature is not yet supported on Windows 2000.

The Zetafax FaxMerge printer does not pass across the name of the file being printed, as the print job name is is not supported by the Windows Universal Printer Driver (Unidriver) mechanism which this printer uses.  Files printed to the Zetafax FaxMerge printer will always appear as "(Untitled)".


Ensure that you are using the Zetafax printer (rather than the Zetafax FaxMerge printer), and that the file has been saved before printing.


Zetafax version 5 is no longer supported by Equisys. This issue is resolved with the latest version of Zetafax. If you wish to upgrade to the latest version of Zetafax please contact the Zetafax distributor for your country for more information or:

EQUISYS plc - United Kingdom

Phone: 020 7203 4000 (Intl +44 20 7203 4000)

Fax: 020 7203 4005 (Intl +44 20 7203 4005)

Email: http://www.equisys.com/teknotes/sales@equisys.com


EQUISYS Inc - USA and Canada

Phone: (770) 772 7201

Fax: (770) 442 5789

Email: http://www.equisys.com/teknotes/sales@zetafax.com


Last updated: 10 November 2005 (AA)

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