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PRB: Failed to connect to the external web site using HTTPS.



ID: ZTN2032

This Zetalink technical note applies to:

  • Zetalink version 1.0


WAP devices can connect to other sites via secure or standard connections. When connecting to the Zetalink external website over SSL (HTTPS), the connection fails. Although error messages may vary between phones and WAP gateways the connection to the site continues to fail. The Zetalink external website is however available over the standard HTTP connection (if this is permitted). Other sites via secure or insecure connection work.


WAP gateways can communicate via SSL with the website using a trusted certificate from a Trusted "Certification Authority" (CA) like Verisign. Private certificates, like the ones created with MS Certificate server and test certificates from Verisign, require the user to accept the authenticity of the certificate and the issuing vendor, this option is not available via a WAP phone.


A server certificate from a trusted "certifying authority" must be used.


The behaviour of the software versions given above is by design.

Last updated:  20th February 2002 (JG/DH)

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