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PRB: Error dialog shown when sending reports to a foreign contact from a Dutch language NAV system



ID: ZTN4390

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs NAV 7.0


A dialog similar to the following will be shown when sending some Zetadocs enabled reports to a foreign contact from a NAV Windows Client configured to use Dutch language:

This happens when the user sends from the page for the individual record. When the Zetadocs delivery dialog launches, the error dialog will appear.


This is due to the report changing its language when running on a foreign contact. The name of the report and table information switches between English and Dutch. When the Zetadocs code runs, it currently expects the report name to be in one consistent language, if it is not, the error dialog will appear.


The following steps can be performed to modify the report code to use a consistent language when executing Zetadocs functions (note that your NAV VAR will be required to perform these steps):

  1. Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment or Classic Client depending on your version of NAV.
  2. Open the Object Designer (Shift + F12)
  3. Navigate to the affected report, select it and click the Design button.
  4. In the View menu, click C/AL Globals.
  5. Add the following Variable to the Variables list:
  6. Name: ZdClientLang

    DataType: Integer

  7. In the View menu, click C/AL Code
  8. Add the following line to the beginning of the OnPreReport() function:
  9. ZdClientLang := CurrReport.LANGUAGE;

  10. Add the following line to the beginning of the OnPostReport() function
  11. CurrReport.LANGUAGE := ZdClientLang;

  12. In the File menu, click Save. A dialog will pop up asking to confirm the save. Ensure that the Compiled flag is ticked and click OK.

Note that this workaround will result in the attachment names sent via Zetadocs to be in the language of the NAV Windows Client rather than the language of the contact.


Equisys is aware of this issue and will update this technical note when a solution has been found.

Last updated 26th February 2015 (NT/JV)

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