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PRB: Embedded fonts are lost when printing to the Zetadocs PDF printer



ID: ZTN3508

This Zetadocs PDF technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF – All versions


If your source document contains embedded fonts, and these embedded fonts are not installed on your system, then when you print the document to the Zetadocs PDF printer, the embedded fonts are not preserved and are substituted in the Zetadocs PDF view and the generated PDF with a system font.

For example:

  • You have a Word document which has been created on a colleague's computer, and the colleague has used a special font that is installed on their computer but not yours.
  • They have also configured Word to embed this special font in the Word document (in Save options) so that when they saved the Word document, the special font was saved in the document.
  • When viewing the Word document on your machine, Word is able to render the special font, but when printing the document to Zetadocs PDF the font is lost.

Another example is when printing a PDF document to Zetadocs PDF. In this case, when Adobe Acrobat views the document, it extracts the special font to a system folder making it available to windows temporarily. In this case the font is viewed correctly within Zetadocs PDF but when Acrobat is closed, the temporary font is deleted and Zetadocs PDF can no longer display it. Zetadocs PDF is also not able to embed this temporary font with the generated PDF – please see ZTN3507-PRB: Zetadocs PDF does not embed fonts in the generated PDF


The font is available to Word so it can render the embedded font, however the font is not available to the system, therefore Zetadocs PDF is unable to display or preserve it.


This problem can be resolved by installing the embedded font on the machine which is running Zetadocs PDF, thereby making it available to the program.

If you are attempting to print a PDF, please use the PDF Attachment feature to attach the PDF directly to your Zetadocs PDF document.

If you are attempting to create Zetadocs Accessories from the source PDF document then please follow these steps.

  • Stationery
    1. From the Zetadocs PDF Accessories panel select “Browse” from the “Folder:” drop down and select the folder containing your PDF.
    2. Next right click the PDF in the list view and select “Add to New Document”. A document will appear in the Document Explorer of Zetadocs PDF.
    3. Delete any pages that are not required so that you have 1 page only (Stationery).
    4. Next print the Zetadocs Document to the Zetadocs PDF printer. This will result in the document appearing again in the Document Explorer only this time it will be the correct format to allow saving as stationery.
    5. Now save the printed document as Zetadocs Stationery to the required location.
  • Attachment
    • Follow steps 1 – 3 above, then save the Zetadocs Document as an attachment.


This has been identified by Equisys as an issue with the software versions given above.


ZTN3507-PRB: Zetadocs PDF does not embed fonts in the generated PDF

Last updated: 09th Sept 2011 (BM/MW)

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