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PRB: Embedded Addressing fails on Spanish operating systems



ID: ZTN1365

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax versions 8, 8.0.1 and 9.


Printing fails on a Spanish OS when used Embedded Addressing commands are used.

The Zetafax printer will appear to process the document, but the print job does not complete. Typically the Zetafax Client is started (if not already running) and is activated (taskbar starts flashing) but it never receives the printed file; no addressing dialog appears and no new fax gets queued in the Client's outbox.


The process of 'printing to fax' requires the generation of a number of temporary files; these are typically written to the temp folder in the user's profile. On Spanish OS systems this temp folder's path includes a folder name with an accented character from an extended character set. The component of the Zetafax Printer that does the initial processing of Embedded Addressing commands is unable to write to folders with such extended characters in the paths, as a result printing fails when Embedded Commands are used.


IMPORTANT: This fix is NOT suitable for multi-user Terminal Server or Citrix systems.

To avoid this you can set the printer to output files to a directory that has no extended characters in it's name, e.g. 'C:\Temp'. To do work through the following steps;

Go to 'Start-> Settings-> Printers' and right-click on the 'Zetafax Printer' then click on 'Properties'.

Click on the 'Device Settings' tab; near the top there will be a 'Path for Output File' setting, alter that to read 'C:\Temp' or whatever your chosen folder is.

You then need to modify the Zetafax Client to read printer spool files from this directory.

On version 8 systems you need to work through the following steps;

  1. Run the Workstation setup program from 'Start-> Programs-> Zetafax' and chose the 'Edit Configuration.' option.
  2. Keep all the settings the same apart from the folder for spooled print files, which should be changed to match the setting in the Zetafax Printer's 'Device Settings'.

On version 9 systems you need to work through the following steps;

  1. Browse to the "C:\Progam Files\Zetafax" folder and open the ZFCleint.ini using notepad. This is the default version of the Zetafax client information file.
  2. Modify the 'LogArea:' setting in the '[WORKSTATION]' paragraph, so it looks like: -


    LogArea: C:\Temp

  4. Having done this save close the ZFClient.ini file.
  5. In the 'Document and Settings' folder locate (remember to search sub folders) any other instances of the ZFCleint.ini and delete them. These will be recreated when the users first starts up the client.

Start up the Zetafax client and submit a document that has failed previously and print it to the Zetafax printer. It will now be submitted correctly.


This has been identified as a fault with the software versions as described above.

Last updated: 30th March 2004 (GES\SV)

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