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INFO: Zetafax V9.1 Client Upgrade Patch



ID: ZTN1474

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax V9.1


This technote provides information about "Zetafax V9.1 Client Upgrade Patch" June 2005

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When upgrading from a previous version to Zetafax Version 9.1 some customers experienced problems when upgrading the Zetafax Client. Necessary Client installation files failed to overwrite existing files which resulted in the version 9.1 Zetafax Client failing to upgrade from the previous version. This patch ensures that the required files are updated to ensure a successful Zetafax Client upgrade installation.

Update Filename: ZF91373CLIENTCABS.exe

Available via the Update Service in Zetafax Server V9.1.

To check for updates:

Start the Zetafax Server, then click "Check for Updates." in the Help menu


From the "Start" menu click START\ALL PROGRAMS\ZETAFAX\Check for Updates

Installation Instructions

Note: Installing updates while your Zetafax Server is running may disrupt your system and force you to reboot the Zetafax Server. For this reason it is suggested that you perform update installations at a time when taking the Zetafax server offline will not be disruptive to your business. If it is not a suitable time right now, we suggest you download the update to install later, or check again for updates via the Start menu, Zetafax, Check for Updates shortcut at a suitable time.

After installing the patch it is necessary to uninstall and reinstall Zetafax Clients on each user workstation. To do this open Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel and Remove the Zetafax Client installation. Next, navigate to the shared system folder ZFAX on the Zetafax Server machine and run the WKSetup.exe to install the Zetafax Client.


This update fixes the following issues:

ZTN1451 PRB: Updating to 9.1 does not update the Zetafax Client installation files.

Last updated: 30/06/2005 (BM/EB/SV)

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