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INFO: Zetafax Server reports 'STMAIL unable to process message'



ID: ZTN1690

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax version 9 and above


When Zetafax is configured to forward faxes to a mail box via the email gateway, the Zetafax server displays the message “STMAIL Unable to process message”, preventing the fax from being delivered.

More information

This message usually means the Zetafax Server does not have the permissions to pass the message over to connect folder on the Exchange machine. Typically your Zetafax Server is running as a service using the local system account. To change this follow these instructions:

  • Go to start | run and type services.msc

  • Locate the Zetafax Server service and open the properties by right clicking on the service.

  • Click on the Log On tab and change the “log on as” from local system to “this account”

  • Use log on credentials that have permissions to write to and delete from the exchange server connect share.(ensure you also include the specific domain name for the account, i.e. equisys\_zetafax)



Last updated: 19.06.08 (TA/PS)

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