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This document provides additional information about the Zetafax Outlook extensions and forms for Microsoft Exchange, that enables additional functionality with Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving faxes.

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The primary function of the additional components in Outlook is to provide more control over fax messaging and the display of these messages. The Zetafax Outlook extensions and forms for Microsoft Exchange are not required to send and receive faxes through the Zetafax mail gateway this is performed by the Zetafax connector for Exchange, which adds the FAX address type and handles the communication between Exchange and the Zetafax server.

It is recommended that Kodak Imaging is installed on the client machine and that it be running Outlook 98 or 2000 (Outlook 97 is not supported). Early versions of Windows 95 require an updated version of Imaging from Eastman Software.

Care must be taken when installing on Windows NT systems, as these have a higher level of security. An account with local administrator permissions is needed to install the Outlook extension files. The files must be registered on the system in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key in the registry, a process that requires local administrator access. User settings are registered in the HKEY_LOCAL_USER registry key requiring the Zetafax toolbar to be installed for each user profile used.

Zetafax Outlook Extensions (ZfOutExt.exe)

The Zetafax Outlook extensions require four files to be installed and registered on the client machine. The installation package (ZfOutExt.exe) performs these tasks.

The Exchange Extensions (ExchExt.dll)

The extensions file provides the client with the list of available coversheets and letterheads on the server. It also supplies the 'Zetafax Options' menu items and status controls for faxes. This file connects directly to Exchange through MAPI, not the Outlook client.

Outlook Add-in (OutExt.dll)

The Outlook Add-in is responsible for adding the 'New Fax', 'Rush', 'Hold' 'Release' and 'Abort' buttons to the Outlook toolbar and the controls behind them.

Forms Control With Imaging (ZFOlCtrl.dll)

The Forms control links the Zetafax Forms with Imaging in order to display the fax in the message body. All the controls in the Zetafax forms for view control and linking into annotation.

Forms Control Without Imaging. (ZfViewX.ocx)

For systems without Imaging installed it is possible to use a reduced version of the forms controls with limited functionality.

Zetafax Outlook forms.

The Outlook forms are installed on the Exchange server in the "Organizational forms" folder. This folder is locale specific and can be accessed by the corresponding language version of mail client connecting to the Exchange server.


Forms allow Outlook to display message information. All messages in Exchange are displayed in Outlook using forms; the default form for Outlook messages is the IPM.Note form. The message class defines which form is used. The Forms for Outlook 98 and 2000 are written in VBScript and interpreted by the Outlook client.

Organizational forms

The Organizational Forms folder is used to store forms globally for all Exchange users to access. Permissions can be set on the folder to deny access or allow users to add forms.

Forms Cache

When forms are used on an Outlook client, the client makes a local copy of the form to use the next time the form is needed. This cache can become corrupt and cause problems when opening a fax form. The Forms Cache needs to be cleared if this happens.


ZTN1113-HOWTO Installing Zetafax Outlook forms and extensions.

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