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INFO: Zetafax and Windows 2000



ID: ZTN1042

This Zetafax technical note applies to:

  • Zetafax 6.01 and later
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows 2000 Server
  • Windows 2000 Advanced Server


This document details a list of known issues on Windows 2000.

Zetafax 6.01g introduced support for Windows 2000 and therefore it is imperative that the current copy of Zetafax is 6.01g or later prior to or after updating the O/S. A free update to Zetafax 6.01 is available to all Zetafax 6 users. This update is located on the Equisys web site at http://www.equisys.com./.

More information

The following list is common to both new Windows 2000 installations and upgraded installations from previous versions of Windows. For information specific to upgrading Zetafax hosts to Windows 2000 please see the 'References' section of this document.

  • Printing saved documents to the Zetafax printer appear as (Untitled) in the client.
    • When files are printed to the Zetafax printer by an application, Zetafax attempts to determine the filename from the print-job name supplied by the application.  Many applications use the file name as part of the print job name (e.g. "My Doc.doc - Microsoft Word").  However this is not done in the same way by all programs, or indeed for all files printed from a single application.
    • The Zetafax client uses the document's file name (e.g. My Doc.doc) to display in the 'File' column of the 'Out' window when this is available.  However on Windows 2000 it is unable to determine the document name and displays the name as "(Untitled)".
  • Zetafax addressing dialog box is not the active one when printing to either Zetafax printers.
    • The Zetafax Printer is aware of the Zetafax client, and will start it if it is not already running.  The FaxMerge printer uses a different technology called the "Universal Printer Driver" which does not support this - although the fax can be printed without the Zetafax client running, the addressing dialog is only displayed once the client is started.
    • In both cases on Windows 2000 the user is not presented with the addressing dialog box automatically and has to click on the flashing Zetafax program icon in the task bar to make it the active dialog.
  • No foreign language support for the Zetafax coversheet editor.
    • Zetafax provides French, German and Spanish versions of its coversheet editor program (COVERDIT.EXE). When COVERDIT.EXE is run on a Windows 2000 computer with its locale set to one of these languages it is unable to display the language correctly and displays the English version instead.
  • Imaging for Windows is not recognised by the Zetafax configuration program as being an installed application available for rendering. So graphic files (bitmaps, etc) will not be able to be rendered through the Zetafax e-mail gateway.
    • Zetafax e-mail gateway deals with attachments in e-mail messages passed to the Zetafax server using server based rendering. This enables Zetafax to launch the installed application and convert them into faxable images.
    • In order to launch these applications you need to register them using the Zetafax configuration program (ZFSETUP.EXE). You will not be allowed to register an application with this program unless it has already been installed on the Zetafax server computer. On Windows 2000 Imaging is installed by default if you chose typical setup, however ZFSETUP is unable to locate it and reports it as not being installed.
  • Dialogic DNA 3.1 not supported on Windows 2000, thus disabling the use of DTI-300 cards.
    • Zetafax supports Dialogic Primary rate ISDN (PRI) network interface cards (DTI-300) with DNA version 3.1. DNA 3.1 does not install correctly on Windows 2000 and is unable to start the Dialogic system service on which Zetafax is dependant to support these cards.

Zetafax client update (ZFW2KTS_700343.exe) introduced support for Windows 2000 terminal services. This is available on the Equisys web site   www.equisys.com/updates as a separate download for Zetafax 7 users and resolves the next two issues.

  • 'Print to fax' is not supported from a Windows 2000 terminal services session.
    • The 'Print to fax' feature provided by the Zetafax printers is not supported on Windows 2000 terminal sessions. This affects the users use of printing the open document from the current application to the Zetafax FaxMerge printer. This does not however affect the use of the Zetafax client program in a multi-user environment.
  • 'Terminal Services' dialog box presented to the user on MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 terminal services.
    • When running the Zetafax workstation setup program (WKSETUP.EXE) on MetaFrame 1.8 for Windows 2000 terminal services you are prompted with an additional 'Terminal Services' dialog box. This allows the user to specify a common spool path for the Zetafax FaxMerge printer, even though the 'Print to fax' feature provided by the Zetafax printers is not supported on Windows 2000 terminal sessions.


For additional information on Zetafax running on Windows 2000, please see the following Zetafax technical notes:

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Last updated: 27 April 2001 (GC/DH)

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