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INFO: What's New in Zetadocs PDF v6.0



ID: ZTN3576

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF v6.0


This technote summarises the changes in Zetadocs PDF v6.0 from v5.0.

More information

The following changes have been made to Zetadocs PDF v6.0:

HTML email body - Zetadocs PDF 6.0 now supports HTML formatting for the email message body.  This enables you to format the message text, including changing the font size or style and inserting graphics.  These features can also be used in message templates for use by the Client user or from automated applications.

This means that messages can now be sent with a more professional appearance, in keeping with corporate standards, and key information can be highlighted to draw it to the attention of the recipient more effectively.

Last updated 24th March 2009 (MW/)

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