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INFO: What's New in Zetadocs PDF v3.0



ID: ZTN3525

This Zetadocs technical note applies to:

  • Zetadocs PDF v3.0


This technote summarises the changes in Zetadocs PDF v3.0 from v2.0.

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The following changes have been made to Zetadocs PDF v3.0:

  • Outlook add in
    The Zetadocs PDF Outlook add in allows users to convert Microsoft Office documents to PDF format from within Microsoft Outlook emails prior to sending.  It gives users the ability to create a separate PDF file for each document converted, or merging all documents together as a single PDF file.  As an option, documents can be compressed to ZIP format before sending.
  • Document Merge
    A single PDF document can be created using multiple source documents either from the client or from the windows explorer. They can be merged to a new document or an existing Zetadocs PDF document.
  • Zetafax Integration
    Documents can be sent by fax via the Zetafax Server.  Fax sending options, such as addressing fields, choice of coversheet and letterhead, priority and resolution are available. Each document can be addressed to multiple fax and or email recipients and when submitted, Zetadocs will distribute the document using the appropriate media, as a single PDF file for email recipients and as a fax image to fax recipients. Prior to sending, users can preview the document in either format before sending it.
  • Scanning
    Users can use any scanning device to import paper documents in Zetadocs PDF and send them as PDF by emails. Zetadocs PDF supports any TWAIN scanner and supports scanning of single or multi-page documents.  Once acquired by Zetadocs, stationery, attachments or other PDF documents can be applied and the document can be sent as an email or fax.
  • Online Registration
    Users can register quickly and easily online, after installing Zetadocs PDF.
  • Support for several image formats & other small features
    Several changes have been made to the Zetadocs PDF client to enhance its usability:
    • More embedded commands to support faxing through API
    • Support for bitmaps, tiff and jpeg formats for reducing the file sizes and being able to apply Zetafax letterheads as stationery to documents.
  • Various bug fixes

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